Monday, December 13, 2010

sweet tooth.

:) Christmas is just around the corner and I have been BUSY! But I am enjoying it!!
I took off from work today and tomorrow :) Clif is off both of these days too, so that makes it nice.
This morning I started out around eight and headed to run some errands... and to do some Christmas shopping!!! I finally got Clif's "big" gift...home and wrapped! Whew. I am pretty sure he knows what it is...BUT...I hope that I have him somewhat stumped.
Last night and today were spent making Christmas goodies. Mostly candy, but a few cheese straws too. Okay, not a few...more like two batches! As far as candy goes I have made fudge with walnuts, milk chocolate dipped ritz bitz peanut butter crackers,white chocolate dipped ritz bitz peanut butter crackers, peppermint bark, milk & white chocolate dipped potato chips, oh and we can't forget the half milk-half white chocolate dipped pretzels.
Anyway...I'll be missing in action these next few days. Being off from work, and then I am training a new hire Wednesday - Friday :) Then the weekend!!
:( Except that I have to work on Saturday. Oh well.
And as always...please pray with us concerning our current cycle :) God bless!!


Trennia said...

That's what I was going to do today start making candy,but the kids are sick...I love peanut butter fudge,and white chocolate dipped ritz bitz peanut butter crackers yummy!

croleyc69 said...

I made some Puppy Chow last weekend but I need to bake some more stuff to. Kids last week of school so I need to get everything wrapped. I love sweets too.

Praying always


Betty said...

Our little one has had the last two days off school thanks to the we made a bunch of candy. SOOOO good. It was our first time as a family, didnt turn out too bad either!

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