Thursday, December 23, 2010

the inseminator :)

IUI =  intrauterine insemination = all together new experience. :)

I won't say that it was horrible...because I have been through worse. But it wasn't fun by any means. It was actually painful...which I didn't even think about it being. Mainly because of the clamps. :( It's actually pretty cool how they "wash" the semen, and just all around cool how they do it. There were two nurse practitioners that came in the exam room with Dr S this morning. He said that they wanted to observe. Oh goody. He started telling them about how they USED to inseminate women. SCARY! They actually used to insert a cup with a straw hanging from it. They'd insert the semen through the straw, and then LEAVE it there for like 8 hours. The women then had to take it out herself. I don't think so!

Anyway...Dr S said that the sample looked good, and that if I didn't have a period in the next 14 days that I could test then. So keep your fingers crossed for us, and say a few prayers!! I'm really praying that this IUI will do the trick this month. :) that I have all the "good" stuff out of the way - let me tell you all about the nurse practitioners that came in with Dr S. It was two women, which was fine. They were both between the age of 20-30 (if I had to guess). they walk, he introduces us, and then I see the first one...who was probably a good eight months pregnant. Really??? Wow. Of course I handled it was no big deal. But if you get someone who is not very stable in the grieving process, or someone who is having all around problems with fertility... they could have easily lost it, completely! I was in shock. As soon as they left the room, I looked and Clif... and didn't even have to say anything. When I tell you that this chick was pregnant....she was pregnant. So yeah, they really might want to think that through...geez.

But all that aside, it's done. :) I don't know if it'll work...but I pray that it does.


Caroline said...

Praying so hard it works.

Trennia said...


mrslinares said...

Prayinf for you!!! i been there before i remember in one of my last IUI the nurse that came in with the doctor was pregnant too and i was upset and told my sister pregnant woman shouldn't be allow to work at a fertility center.

Betty said...

I think that if I had been in your shoes I would have lost it. That's pretty insensitive of them to do. You never know how a woman will react or what will set her off after being through something like you have...on the happy note, I'm glad everything went well and we will most definetly be praying for you. I am sure these next few weeks are going to be torture, but God will get you through!

Lindsey said...

Ya'll are in my prayers! Hoping for some wonderful news in about 2 weeks :-)

Megan said...

I so hope that this works for you!! We just did our first IUI two weeks ago, and yesterday I got my BFP, many, many prayers that you will get yours this month and we can both bring happy, healthy babies into this world in September.

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

Thanks to everyone for your prayers :)

Megan, thanks for sharing that with me about your IUI. It gives me even further hope.

Merry Christmas!

Holly said...

I'm hoping for you!

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