Saturday, December 18, 2010

{answered prayers}

Wow. That's all I can say. Remember in my last post how I said that I've fallen asleep praying the last several nights? Praying about becoming pregnant again...praying about paid appointments with Dr S for the future. Well...we have an answer to one so far!

Yesterday we were finally able to get in touch with my doctors office. We've had been trying to call for the last several days with no luck. One day they were randomly closed, and then the next they were closed due to the weather. Anyway...Clif and I both called - and finally Clif got through to someone. The receptionist told him that she would personally give the message to my nurse.

Within an hour the nurse called back and said that they had called the insurance company, and that they had agreed to five more appointments. {insert very large grin here} AND not only that... but they said that all we would have to do in the future is call and ask for more appointments. I'm guessing because I have PCOS, aka a valid reason to see a specialist, that they will continue to pay for it. I mean... in the long run, I'm saving them money! If I had to stop seeing him, I would more than likely have to have another surgery...and think about how much money that costs!!

So that's my little answer to prayer for this week. Thanks to each and every one of you that said a prayer concerning the doctors appointment with Dr S, and thanks in advance for all the prayers being sent up concerning conception.

Much Love!


Courtney said...

AWESOME. So glad to hear this!!!

Danae said...

That is great! Hopefully there will be no need to go through 5 more appointments! :)

Sending you love and hugs!

Sarah said...

Yay! I love it when He answers prayers quickly and favorably :)

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