...And Praises!

**January 5th,2011 - {praise} Lori had her baby (Luke) yesterday, and all is well! Baby is BEAUTIFUL! Praise the Lord for getting them both through safetly. {Request} My husband has a friend that he works with, we'll call him "T". T's wife is *almost* full term and will be undergoing a csection on Tuesday of next week. Please pray that everything will go smoothly! :) Clif is going to the hospital to be with him that day, I'm so proud at how strong he is. #1 he hates hospitals, and #2 he will be in the same hospital, on the same floor, as we were just a short 14 months ago!
** January 3rd,2011 - {request} please pray for us as our testing day is drawing near. Pray that God will continue to calm my heart...and my nerves. I'm so scared...but excited at the same time.
**December 31st,2010 - {request} please pray for our friend "A" and his family. A's mother passed away yesterday. We know that it will be a trying time for him, his wife, and their family. Love you guys!
**December 24th,2010 - {request} please pray for a local family in our community. A 27 year old father went home to be with the Lord after a long battle with skin cancer.
**December 23rd,2010 - {praise} Clif and I went for our first IUI this morning, and it went "well". :) {request} pray that, if it be the Lord's will, that we may be blessed with a baby for the new year.
**December 21st,2010 - {praise} Clif gave me my first Ovidrel shot (in my stomach) last night!! :) It didn't even hurt.
**December 21st,2010 - {praise}5-6 matured follicles!! :) {request} IUI on Thursday morning at 8:30. Please pray!
**December 17th,2010- God blessed us with five more paid visits with Dr S! Please continue to pray that He will grant us our hearts desire.
**December 15th, 2010- Please be praying with Clif and me as we are in the middle of this current cycle. It's been a long, emotional road...and I'm ready for a new path. :) {God has answered this part of our prayer. On December 21st we were told that we had several matured follicles and had a *hopefully sucessful* IUI.
**May 19th,2011 - received a call from Aflac today, and it looks like our three little E's are going to be covered if they have to be put in NICU! Praise the LORD!
**July 7th,2011 - 30 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. We have our third appointment at the prenatal diagnostic center today...praying that our *almost* three pounders will top three pounds today!!

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