About Clif

Clif is a 25 year old sweetheart. Though, he'd never admit it. Hands down the most amazing man I've ever met...I wish I told him that more often.
Clif was born & raised in East Texas. He moved to Virginia when he was 18. He had gotten into some trouble back in Texas and moved to try and straighten out his life.
I think his first year in Virginia was probably spent "searching for himself". And then I'd like to think he found me. HA!
No really, he and I met when he first moved to Virginia. He came to church with his grandma, which is who he lived with until she died in 2005.
In the summer of 2005, Clif started coming to church with his Aunt Leslie. We were getting ready to start up our Vacation Bible School, and were asking for volunteers. So he volunteered. We had a blast getting to know him that summer. There are a lot of fond memories.
That August, we went to something called a "Youth Prayer Advance" put together by Christ Life Ministries.
The second day we were there, during what they call "Sweet Hour of Prayer" - Clif, who had always said that he had been saved at an early age, asked Christ Jesus to come into his heart and save him.
He was a new person! Earrings came out, tongue ring came out... he was transformed into a completely different person! :) It was amazing to witness.
That following weekend was when I told Clif Smith that I loved him for the first time. Though, if he tells the story - he'll say that he said the three magic words first.
Clif has since grown into an amazing man of God. Of course, we always have our rough patches...and he's not perfect...he is sure close!
Clif now has a very good job...and has always and will continue to always support me.

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