Tuesday, May 31, 2011

please handle with care...

...my heart, that is.

I've been excited about getting the nurseries ready for the triplets. I've been DYING to get everything de-cluttered so that I can begin decorating, and getting everything put in place for my precious Eli, Easton & Elliana.
But at the same time...I'm still heartbroken. There still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of Lilly, and I don't think that I will ever come to a point where she doesn't cross my mind.
Tonight was hard...
Dad finished up the second nursery (pictures coming soon). So I had my mom move some things from one nursery to another. Talk about a lot of emotions that hit me all at once...without really expecting them. I had to move HER things out of the way. HER things.
I don't want this to be an issue. I don't want to feel this way... but I do. There are so many things that I'm going to have to box away for the rest of my life. Things that never touched...things that she never used... but yet, they still belong to her.
I had to move dried flowers from her funeral. From her funeral. A parent shouldn't have to speak words like those following their child's name. I had to hide away a 2 dollar bill that Daddy saved for her, had to find a place for her "2009" penny that was supposed to go in her scrapbook. Her piggy bank, the wooden "L" that sat on her bookshelf. *deep breath*  The first little fishing hat that Daddy bought for her. I threw away expired formula that should have been drank by her. Folded and stuffed away the quilt that her little body was wrapped in the last time I saw her. HER THINGS! 
Things shouldn't be this hard. Preparing this for my babies on the way shouldn't bring tears to my eyes, and pain into my heart.
Don't get me wrong...I'm thankful for these babies, and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I love to just sit and feel them move inside of me. I love to look at their pictures, and to look back and watch how they have grown in my tummy.
But even though we are getting ready to start a very happy new chapter in our lives, it doesn't take away the chapter that came before. The painful one. The one that no person should ever have to endure. The chapter that tells about a young couple that lost their first born baby girl. The story about a mom and dad that sat in a hospital room and wept over their daughter's lifeless body. Then sat in that same hospital and wrote their daughters obituary...planned her funeral, and then had to say goodbye. I hate that story... but I relive it every single day.
Oh God,please, take the hurt away....

so sweet, it'll rot your teeth :)


I didn't get to say much about my glucose test. So let me just say...YUCK! The flavor wasn't horrible. It was actually MUCH better than the orange. But it was gross, just the same.
Once I finished it...I felt like I was going to puke! Not only because the taste is SO sweet... but the flavor gave me HORRIBLE heartburn. And I know this is gross, but the heartburn this pregnancy has been pretty bad...and a lot different. It makes me cough...and when I cough... I can taste the stomach acid. Bleh. So coughing,acid, and then I get a tickle in my throat. Not a good combination. I almost choked in the car on the way to the office because of it. :)
All in all, it wasn't a horrible experience...but it wasn't a great one either. ha! But I did pass, so that's the main thing!! Glucose level was at 134 and iron at 11.4 :) Both within normal limits. YAY!

the fourth day :)

:) Today is the first day of bed rest that I ACTUALLY slept past 7:00!! And it was SOOOO nice.

I was exhausted after yesterday. Well, after yesterday evening anyway. HA! Clif and I got home from the grocery store (where he was so sweet and pushed me around in a wheel chair so I wouldn't have to walk... Dr M would have been so happy!)...and it was probably 80 degrees in our house. I wasn't happy about it #1 because I'm getting BIG, and I just can't handle the heat. And #2, we had people coming over.

We've been having issues with the AC the last week or so, but I just ignored it - thinking it was because I am getting big...and hot natured. I said something that made Clif look at the unit inside, and when he did... we found 3 inches of ice on EVERYTHING. :( So we had to turn off all AC, open doors...and stick it out while the ice melted, and while he cleaned dust from the vents. Needless to say...five hours later, my hubby had figured it all out...and within an hour of turning the AC back on...we both needed blankets :) Apparently it was just an issue with the filter. YAY!

Clif is off today, so I think we're going to make it a pretty lazy day until this evening...then things will get a little busy. ) But that's okay.

My parents are heading over around 4:00 this afternoon, for dad & Clif to finish up the floor in the babies second nursery :) SO excited to finally have this complete so that we can start getting furniture in place, AND start washing all the clothes that we have been given so far.

 Things that I'm looking forward to this week:

Tonight :) Finishing up the babies nursery, and the cookout that we are going to have afterwards. Steaks on the grill, veggie stir fry...potatoes, and fresh corn on the cob. YUM!

Thursday :) It marks mine & Clif's four year wedding anniversary. Cannot believe that it's been four years since we said I DO.

Friday :) I am meeting up with my mom and niece to make cupcakes (pea pod cupcakes) Friday morning... and then when Clif gets up (he has to work Thursday night), we are going to get pedicures (he probably would kill me if he knew I was putting that on here), going to catch an early movie, and then eating at our favorite Japanese steakhouse.

SATURDAY :) My baby shower. SOOOOOO excited about it. Really!! There have been so many people that have already RSVP'd...and I'm looking forward to it more and more by the day. Not because of the gifts that I know we will get... but just getting to see people that I don't get to see very often...and for being able to use this pregnancy as a witness to those who aren't Christians. That might sound weird, but everyone that was invited to this shower are aware of the road that Clif and I have walked (and sometimes crawled) these last few years. And I think that just seeing how much God has blessed us since losing Lilly is a wonderful witness of His love.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and had an enjoyable holiday yesterday!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

day 3

Still no real resting as of yet :) Imagine that. We went to Clif's aunts house last night after church to watch a movie. I, of course, was asleep within fifteen minutes of starting the movie!! We left there at like quarter til eleven, and then when we got home...Clif popped in "Bill Dance Bloopers" (can you see the eye roll?) and I went to sleep yet again!
I have no clue what time he finally told me to get up and go to bed... but then alarms started going off at 6am this morning. Lovely. I told Clif that I would take him and his friend from work, and drop them off at a fishing spot...and then go back and get them. Geez...
Now I''m hanging out at my moms, waiting for them to call me...and I just finished making a ton of blueberry pancakes for them to eat when they decide to show up!
I plan to go home and lay around, while Clif cleans & mows grass (even though I feel bad for laying around while he does all the work).
A little later...we're making a run to town, grabbing a few things... and then having friends over for a cook out :) Busy day...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

LIGHTS! (Day 2)

Well...no blueberry waffles for me this morning. :( I am currently eating a PB&J sandwich with nacho cheese doritos. HA! Lovely combination for a lovely breakfast.
I woke up at 6:30am to some AWFUL noises coming from inside our closet (where the hot water heater is). I'm not going to lie...it sounded like a rat, and I was freaking out. :) Clif wasn't home from work yet...and I am terrified of anything that resembles a mouse...let alone something even bigger!!!
Needless to say, after a few minutes...it stopped. And when I opened my eyes, I realized...hey, why is the ceiling fan slowing down? Oh...and the other fan is completely off.
YUP...our electricity went out this morning. Big bummer. I need a shower... clothes need to be ironed for church, and I can't even dry my hair (IF there was enough water left in the tank to take a shower). *sigh* Gotta love it.
I guess that maybe this is God's way of preparing me for the years of no sleep ahead? Or...at least, a year. I'm pretty sure that I will be sleep deprived for at LEAST that long when the babies get here!
Apparently, AEP has some substation problems that have effected 23,000 people in our area. LOVE it. :) It just so happened that my laptop battery had a little power left - so I thought that I would hop on here and complain for a minute or two :)
Day two of bed rest, and it has proven to be an eventful day already... OH, and did I mention that my parents don't have power either? Which means...our church doesn't have power either. :) Candlelight service it is!
Below are some 24 week belly shots, and a few of the triplets bathroom & play room (that's a work in progress)...enjoy, and happy Sunday!!

Their "play room"...under construction :) My dad & Clif are going to lay the floor on Tuesday evening... and then we can get started moving in their furniture!! FINALLY... I will have a little space to do some things!!!

I bought this shower curtain yesterday, and LOVE it! :) I figure that frogs would be appropriate, since there are boys AND a girl. Too cute...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

day 1

Of bed rest that is. :)

I have been awake since a little before 7am...on my first day of official bed rest! Geez...so much for rest. HA! I can't complain though, I DID sleep really well... just up and down to the bathroom (imagine that), and then Clif got in from work at 7am, took a shower, and came to bed...and started rubbing on babies. For some reason when I empty my bladder they go NUTS, and then they LOVE to be rubbed by their daddy. so needless to say, after several punches in the bladder...and butts being shoved in my ribs - I opted to go ahead and get up. Plus my tummy was growling for some strawberries, milk and peanut butter & jelly toast!

I am actually getting ready to shower and head out, just for a few hours. I'm meeting up with a co-worker to get some hand-me-downs for little boys! YAY!! I have SOOOOO much laundry to do, it's not even funny. You wouldn't believe all the clothes that friends have given us already, some old, and some new!!

Things are actually starting to come together with the room's for the triplets. One nursery was already complete, and since we are having a girl, we don't have to paint over the dandelion that I had painted when we were getting things ready for Lilly :)

A few weeks ago, Clif cleaned out the second spare bedroom, ripped up carpet, and pained the walls (yay!). This is going to be their "play" room for now. Also will be used for early morning feedings and such. We'll have a rocking chair, cradle, dresser, shelf...those sorts of things in there. I'm so excited about getting it all set up!!

We purchased flooring for the room on Thursday...so now all we are waiting for is Tuesday to come, so that Clif and my dad can get it put down :) We decided to go with lock in hardwood laminate...or whatever you call it. Just because it will be much easier clean up. Especially since in the future it will be home for two little boys!

My parents bought a dresser for their room, it's a three drawer (how appropriate) with a book shelf thingie that goes on top :) I am going to replace the knobs, and have decided that they will be color coded. A different color on each drawer, for each child. I've got to do something to keep things straight, right?? I figure since they are going to be so tiny, and the drawers are rather big, we should be able to keep the majority of their daily clothes (that they can wear at that time) in this dresser.

I've never really been one to organize things (well, sometimes I am...it just depends)... but I am going to buy Rubbermaid containers and separate the clothes by size. That way, when they grow out of the newborn stuff, we can throw it in a box, and pull out the next one. At least, that sounds like a good idea at the moment. :)

I can't believe that we are going to have babies here in just a few short weeks...well, really, months... but weeks sounds better. Hope and pray that each of you have a good weekend!!! Stay cool :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

two dirty little words...

bed rest.

:) I'm not complaining...at least, not yet. Give me a few weeks...and I'm sure that I will get there. At this point, I am just ready for some rest.

These last few weeks really have been a struggle for me. Work has been long, and extremely tiring. I'm really looking forward to SLEEP! Might as well get it while I can...because in just a few short months, I will be getting...zero.

Today was a decent last day at work...or at least it started out okay. This afternoon, things got hectic and I was ready to stab someone :) But I made it through, and I'm officially done for a while. Oh, and I didn't cry!! I might have teared up a little once I got in my car, but I was rather proud of myself.

So it begins...bed rest until my Three Little Love's get here. :) Cannot wait.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 week appointment & a prayer request for Eli :)

Well...I passed my glucose test. WOO HOO! Actually, it's cracking me up because as I type this post - I have a strawberry twizzler hanging out of my mouth. :)
I've deprived myself (and the babies) of candy,ice cream, bread & potatoes for the last week in hopes that I wouldn't have to go back for the dreaded three hour test. Bleh! They say that they make you come back for the 3 hour test if you sugar is above 145. Mine was 134, which they were very satisfied with. My iron is a little low (normal is 12, I am at 11.4)... but they said that it's normal at this place in pregnancy, with one! :) So, no iron supplement for me, unless I start to be really tired/fatigued. Yay!!
Oh, and let me go ahead and mention this...my blood pressure? 130/78...my nurse all but did backflips. :) I was SOOOO happy. It's the lowest it's been at the doctor's office so far. Which is funny, because at home it's normally 110-120s/170s.
We had our ultrasound, and even though our growth scan wasn't supposed  to be until 26 weeks... it was done today. Don't really know why... but whatever. We were definitely NOT complaining about getting to see our babies for 30+ minutes!! Eli & Elliana are head down, and Elliana & Easton are butt first in my ribs. Too funny. For the last few days, I will get this hard knot at the top of my belly. I thought it was a foot or something, NOPE, it's their butt's. :)
Everyone measured right on schedule...Eli & Easton are both weighing in at 1lb8oz, and little Elliana is 1lb7oz...just one little ounce behind her brothers. :) I am 24w1d today, the boys measured in at 24w3d and Elliana at 24w1d. We couldn't be more pleased!!
We do have a small prayer request for our wild child, Eli. Miss V was measuring organs & such today for the growth scan, and one of Eli's kidneys is measuring slightly bigger than the norm. She said that they normally measure no more than 6, and his is between a 5 & 6. She kept telling me not to go home and worry about it, that it's extremely common in little boys. She also said that it almost always corrects itself in time. If it were to get where they would be concerned about it (between 8-12) they would send us to a specialist, and the little guy might have to have a procedure done when he is born. BUT, she said that as of now... it's still withing normal limits, it's just prominent. So they want to keep an eye on it.
I'm not really worried about it...especially since she said that it's common. She said that she's seen kidneys measure 12-14 and correct themselves. So we are trusting and waiting. :)
Heart rates were wonderful, and we got to hear them twice! Ha! We heard them during the ultrasound... Eli @ 143bpm, Easton @ 153bpm, and Elliana @ 151bpm.
I saw a new doctor today, Dr M (that delivered my best friend's baby last Friday). MUCH older than I had thought - but all in all, I liked him, He's a very "matter of fact" doctor... but sometimes, that's a good thing. :) He asked what kind of work that I did... and I told him that I am a teller manager until tomorrow. That Dr G had already written a note for my HR department, and that he is taking me out as of tomorrow. He was very pleased with that. He also warned me that he is an avid Wal*Mart & Lowes shopper, and that since I am being taken out of work - it does not mean that I can run around doing a million things. He says it defeats the purpose :) I promised him that I will be as much of a couch potato as possible.
I'm measuring at 37 weeks for a singleton...at 24 weeks with three!! :) He seemed to think that was pretty humorous. OH and when he first came in and introduced himself to us, he made a joke about meeting "a man like Clif". Apparently, Clif knows how to get it done. HA! I told him that we get an ultrasound every time to check fluid levels and heart rates - but he wanted to listen to the heart beats anyways! And he got them on the first try! :) So we got to hear our little ones TWICE today.
All in all, it was a GREAT afternoon!! After we got out of the doctor's office (two hours later...Dr M was on call, and apparently got backed up with his appointments this afternoon), Clif treated me to dinner at Red Robin. YUM! I will say that I ate like a pig... but I couldn't help it. I started off with a side of clam strips, which I have been craving for WEEKS...and then had a burger & fries. Followed by... a "Rookie Magic" milkshake. SOOOOO good. And I'm still full!! :) Babies didn't know what to do since I haven't been eating a lot of carbs the last few days.
Well...that's all for now...just wanted to update you all. If you think of it, please say a quick prayer for our little Eli. Again...not really worried, but still will be in the back of our mind. :) Thanks in advance!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

belly shot comparison :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

23 week BUMP!

I think I MAY have popped again this week....

the 23rd week

Yesterday marked twenty three weeks pregnant… and we couldn’t be happier (and excited)! Clif and I both feel SO blessed that we have made it this far with this pregnancy.

I think that the whole “three babies” is starting to set in more and more each and every day. Not that it hadn’t before… but it’s just becoming very…real. At least for me. I can’t believe that they are going to be here in just a few short weeks.

We are praying (and praying some more) that we are able to make it to August 3rd…which would be exactly 34 weeks. But I am realizing that it might be a long stretch. And then again…maybe not. I’ve seen a lot of women with triplets on tv, and they are going 33-36 weeks. Whew! I even met a lady a few months ago that delivered her triplets at 36 weeks, and they went home with her just four days after delivery! Amazing. Then I have come into contact with someone that had her triplets at 30 weeks. So it’s pretty much up to my body, and the three E’s.

I don’t have too many updates, as life has been pretty uneventful these days (thanking God for that)! Babies seem to be doing well, and from what they can tell everything looks a-ok with all three. Praise the Lord!

As of my last appointment, I am up to a thirty three pound weight gain. Which… as much as I’m NOT happy about all this weight gain (and the fear of it being difficult coming off), I know that it’s a good thing…for the babies at least!!

I’m still fairly mobile, but am becoming very tired. This week especially, it has been a CHORE to even get out of bed in the morning. I feel as if I’m back to my first trimester, wanting to sleep for twelve hours straight.

My appetite has slowed down a little… which is good. There for a while, I could eat a meal… and still be hungry. Which, can be pretty embarrassing. Ha! Oh well, after all… I AM eating for FOUR people.

Eli,Easton & Elliana are becoming more and more active by the day. I try not to be too paranoid about feeling them move – just because if I’m moving, they tend to be still. AND, I’m sure that the inside of my tummy is becoming a pretty cramped place these days. When we went to the doctor on the 11th, Miss V, the ultrasound tech said that the babies should be right at a pound. The way that I’m growing…and the way that I’m feeling them bounce around in there… I’m thinking that they have been growing this last week.

Speaking of active babies… these last few days, it’s like they have been sucking straight caffeine out of their placentas (which I know isn’t entirely true, because I MIGHT drink 3 ounces of caffeine a day. MAYBE). Last night during church, I thought that I was going to pee my pants. They all three were flopping around inside of me. It is an amazing feeling… but slightly uncomfortable (and unnerving) at the same time. This morning… they woke me up at 6:00am, and I didn’t think that I was going to be able to go BACK to sleep. It felt like my belly was going to sprout legs and walk off of the bed. It wasn’t the cute little pokes and prods that normally warm my heart, it was full body flopping action…that mixed with the heartburn that I seem to have 24/7 – I thought I might toss my cookies.

As I sit here an type Eli and Elliana are kicking around (I fear they may be enemies…ha!)… and Easton must be worn out from his last dance session, that ended about ten minutes ago.

Next Friday, the 27th will be my last day of work. And though I am VERY much looking forward to being able to rest… I’m a little uneasy about not working. Or earning a pay check. I’ve got about 6 weeks paid leave, and then we aren’t really sure what will happen. Which…is a little scary, but we know Who is in control.

There are a few things that I am looking forward to these next few days and weeks….

***Tomorrow morning at 10am, my best friend A, will be headed into the operating room to deliver her son, “Prince Charming”, via c-section. Please pray with us as this is taking place. Where a c-section tends to be a pretty routine surgery, A, her husband J, and their precious little one (baby #2) need our prayers. Please pray that God will guide the doctor’s hands, and that everything with the little guy will be a-ok.

***Saturday afternoon, my friend R, is having her baby shower at our church! I’m pretty excited about it. :) I love baby showers…and it’s a lot more enjoyable when you’re expecting yourself!! R is pregnant with two little baby girls, due to arrive sometime in July. Please pray for R as she carries these little girls for the remaining weeks, and that everything would go smoothly with their delivery. SO excited for our little ones to have so many friends their own age to play with as they grow up!!

***In just a few weeks, on June 4th is my baby shower…which I am SUPER excited about. Baby Shower’s for ONE baby is a blast, and I know that carrying three little bundles will make it all the more special. I have a wonderful church family that will be throwing the shower for me – and a slew of church members, friends, co workers and family members that were invited. Seriously…we sent out a few invitations shy of 120. Craziness.

Well…will update again soon! I’m sure you’ll be seeing my 23 week pictures out here soon! Thank you for your continued prayers for Clif, me and our three little E’s.

OH...PS, we received a letter in the mail from Aflac yesterday. Hopefully we will know something in two weeks :) Keep those prayers a coming!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So I heard this song for the first time this week. And I absolutely LOVE it. What if our blessings come through raindrops? What if yourr healing comes through tears?
Every word of this song speaks the words my heart has been trying to say for a long time. I know that our blessings came through a lot of "rain" and "storms", and our healing came with MANY tears. I don't know, this song just really has spoken to my heart, and  I wanted to share it with you all :)

Blessings ~Laura Story

We pray for blessings

We pray for peace

Comfort for family, protection while we sleep

We pray for healing, for prosperity

We pray for Your mighty hand to ease our suffering

All the while, You hear each spoken need

Yet love is way too much to give us lesser things

‘Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops

What if Your healing comes through tears

What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near

What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise

We pray for wisdom

Your voice to hear

We cry in anger when we cannot feel You near

We doubt your goodness, we doubt your love

As if every promise from Your Word is not enough

All the while, You hear each desperate plea

And long that we’d have faith to believe

When friends betray us

When darkness seems to win

We know that pain reminds this heart

That this is not our home

What if my greatest disappointments

Or the aching of this life

Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy

What if trials of this life

The rain, the storms, the hardest nights

Are your mercies in disguise

Saturday, May 14, 2011

22 week belly shot :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th.

I used to think it was funny how freaked out people would get over "Friday the 13th".

Not anymore.

"Friday the 13th" turned out to be the worst day of my life... just 18 short months ago. Or maybe 18 long months ago. Either way... it was the worst day of my life.

I don't know what it looked like outside that day. I went into the hospital while it was still dark... it had been rainy and dreary the day before...and I didn't step outside again until almost three days later.

Today has been rainy & dreary all day...and I can't help but think about how dreary I felt that day, 18 months ago.

My heart was broken (along with my husband's)...and our dreams were shattered.

And eighteen months later... our hearts still ache for her. Just like it was yesterday.

I hate you, Friday the 13th. I hate {most} of what you remind me of. The only good that came out of that day was seeing the beautiful face of my perfect little girl, Lillian Joy.

Rest in Peace, Sweet Lilly. Happy 18 months in Heaven.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

thankful for 22 weeks...

Twenty two weeks today :) Again…so thankful that we have made it this far with our little Skittle’s. Can’t believe it!! Things are starting to REALLY sink in. I’m going to have THREE babies in just a few months. But even though I get nervous thinking about everything… I couldn’t possibly be more excited!!

Today we had our 22 week appointment with Dr G, but before that… an ultrasound! We lucked out – only because we have a stubborn son that didn’t want to roll on his back so that we could see the front of his heart. Sheesh…what am I in for?

Once again…Eli was stretched out across the bottom of my belly, laying on HIS belly. Stubborn kid. After a LOT of convincing (and several kicks to my bladder and other parts) Miss V FINALLY got him to roll enough to get the shots that she needed. Praise the Lord! She said that as far as she can tell, everything looks great with all three babies. We were able to see each of them, and their little hearts pumping away. I love ultrasounds… they never cease to amaze me. Oh, did I mention that Easton has wedged himself up under my ribs, with his head towards the middle of my belly? And Elliana is standing with her head under my ribs on the other side. It was actually pretty funny watching them today. I have been telling Clif that Elliana and Easton play together – but I don’t think that he believed me. However, today, he witnessed it for himself. It was so cool watching them poke at each other – even from their separate sacks!! And little Miss Elliana was kicking her brother, Eli, in the head the whole time. Too funny. They are definitely getting big and running out of room… because they are right on top of one another. I love it.

As far as the actual ultrasound goes…everything went well. V says that all the babies look great (from what she can tell), Eli’s heart looks normal, and fluid levels are right on track! We are SO very thankful for such a great report.

After the ultrasound we waited for B to come and take my vitals :) She finally called me to check my weight and my blood pressure. Blood pressure was great… once again, I think it’s much better after my mind is put at ease… knowing that my babies are a-ok. Weight…was good for the babies, but not so good for Mommy’s self-esteem. I gained SEVEN pounds in two weeks. The thing is… I haven’t really been eating “bad”. I just eat often. Like…yesterday, I had a chicken salad for lunch (followed by some peanut m&m’s…but still!). I really try to watch my sodium, and I’ve been drinking a TON of water. So I don’t feel too bad about it. Dr G didn’t have anything “negative” to say about it…however when he pulled up my chart he was like, “hmmm…up a little this week, huh?” Well Doc, I’m carrying THREE babies in there. And to be completely honest… they stay pretty hungry. It’s pretty sad, and slightly embarrassing when you finish a normal sized meal that should fill the average person (and is generally more than I would eat when I’m not pregnant…) and you are STILL hungry. This happens more than just occasionally. Oh, and I drink a lot of milk :)

The book that I read a while back said that I should gain 35 pounds by 25 weeks. Or something like that. So if that’s the case… I’m right on track. I just want to do what’s best for optimal birth weight. Which the doctor in this book swears by carbs carbs carbs (the good kind). So we will see. V said that the babies should be right at a pound now.

The visit with Dr G went just as good. I am measuring at 33 ½ - almost 34 weeks, and still no swelling! :) He told me today…”well, you’re measuring more like an 8 ½ month pregnant lady!” Too funny. He is THRILLED with how well that I’m getting along. He keeps asking if I am miserable, if I’m having contractions, or if I am having severe back pain. No, no…and I have backpain sometimes… but nothing that me & a Tylenol can’t handle.

Dr G says if I continue to do as well as I am now, that I may be able to make it past 34 weeks. He also confirmed that we will be having an ultrasound every appointment from here on out to check fluids & heart beats. YAY! I was very excited. So far, everything looks great… but he will be keeping an eye on everything. He says that if for some reasons complication occur, that there is a shot that he can begin giving me to help develop the babies lungs. He also said that the NICU at the hospital where I plan to deliver is just as good as any in the country. They are completely up to date with all the new technology. Which, I’ve heard all that from other people… but hearing it from my own doctor made me feel really good.

We also learned (because my lovely husband HAD to ask) that there will be anywhere from 25-30 people in the operating room with me when I deliver. Isn’t that just fun to think about. When he started naming off all the doctors and nurses that each of us would need, I was amazed. I knew it was going to be a lot, but geez!!

So we go back in two weeks for an ultrasound, my glucose test (mmmm glucola) and an office visit with Dr M, because Dr G is on vacation. This will be on the 26th, and the next day will be my last day as a working woman for a while.

Whew. Thanks so much for all the prayer and support! We really appreciate it.

Also…please be praying for our friends daughter, M. She was taken to the hospital yesterday for breathing issues – and since then they have been told that she has pneumonia in both lungs. She is a little over one year old.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Tomorrow morning we are headed to the doctor's office for our 22 week appointment! We have an ultrasound scheduled for 10:30 with Miss V, to check out Eli's little heart. Hopefully he will cooportate a little more this week... :) Please pray that all is well with ALL of our Little Love's. :) Will update when I can!!!

21 weeks...at almost 22 :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

21 weeks... and sick

Today marks twenty one week’s pregnant J Once again (like every week), I can’t believe that we have made it this far!! OVER half way for a “normal” pregnancy…and only thirteen weeks away from delivery (hopefully). It’s so hard to believe that time is going by so quickly…and that everything seems to be going smoothly. Praise the Lord!

At 21 weeks, I’ve gained right at thirty pounds…give or take a pound or two. Babies are VERY active most days. Eli being the most active (I think because he is so low in my tummy)…we feel like he is going to be our wild child. Easton is our tap/break dancer, depending on his mood… and Elliana is the calm child (for now). I’m still fairly mobile. Was up and down pretty much all day Saturday, and Sunday I just took it easy. I even took a two hour nap!! Blood pressure has been great for the most part, and slightly elevated every great once in a while.

*shrug* I had to go to the doctor today, but not Dr.G. I actually had to make an appointment with my family doctor, Dr.W. For the last several weeks I have been struggling with allergies (at least, that’s what I chalked it up to be). The last two days have been horrible. The night before last I might have slept with a fan blowing directly in my face (not the smartest thing that I could have done…) because I was SO hot. I woke up yesterday morning feeling kind of froggy, but nothing huge. However, THIS morning…not so great.

I felt slightly stupid for going to the doctor because of allergies, BUT I wanted to make sure that’s all it was. Sure enough, after checking my eyes,ears, throat & lungs… Dr.W informed me that it was in fact, allergies. But at least I know for sure that it’s allergies, and won’t be adding that to my list of pregnancy worries.

Let’s just say that the last two nights combined, I have only slept for about 8-10 hours. Which is not good for this pregnant lady. I like to get at least 8 hours EACH night. Needless to say, I’m running on empty.

Last night was the worst. I was burning up, but couldn’t have the fan blowing on me because I’m so congested, and my throat is already sore. This morning at like 6am, I woke up coughing…and (I know this is gross) something came up. You’d never seen a fat pregnant chick move so quick… I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom for fear that I was about to throw up all over myself (and Clif). When I went to the bathroom sink… it was blood. Gross! It’s from where I can’t breathe through my nose, so I’m sleeping with my mouth open…and then everything is getting dried out… it was just ick! I did manage to go back to sleep for about an hour though.

When the last call alarm went off, I knew that I had to get up and get ready for work. I went to say something to Clif and had practically NO voice at all. Greaaaat. I knew it’d be a fun day trying to answer phones at work. Which it did prove to be.

I slept pretty good from about 10-12, then I had to pee. How lovely. THEN I come back to bed, and I can’t find a comfortable position. And THEN when I’ve almost drifted off to sleep…someone would start tap dancing on my rib cage. I love the feeling… but I am telling you, this no sleep thing has GOT to stop. It’s killing me.

On top of the no sleep, because of my allergies… I have a KILLER headache, pretty much all day long. Which on a non pregnant day, it wouldn’t be bad. I’d pop a few Excedrin migraine and be fine. NOPE. J Tylenol it is. And unfortunately Tylenol doesn’t do jack for me.

On the bright side of things (sorry for all the complaining)…I added up my FMLA leave, and the LOA that I will be allowed to take… and it doesn’t look like it will be too bad after all. I am praying that I will somehow be able to get an extension on my LOA – that way I won’t have to go through the hiring process again. But we will see, and He will provide.

Another thing on the upside… sometime last year, Clif enrolled us both in AFLAC insurance. It will also cover any children we have in the future, until they are eighteen years old. Apparently, some people slacked off on paperwork, and the insurance didn’t go through (or something to that effect). Well, when we found out that I am expecting TRIPLETS, Clif called our AFLAC rep and told him the news. He informed Clif that the paperwork had not been turned in until X amount of days/months after we filled it out. The insurance has to be in effect for ten months before the babies are born. So we just assumed that the babies would not be covered under AFLAC. Well… Clif got a call from our AFLAC rep yesterday – and they are TRYING to get us covered!!! It’s not a for sure thing yet – but it would be AMAZING if it happened, and SUCH an answer to prayer.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with AFLAC insurance – the plan that we purchased will pay $720 per day (per child) that the babies are in NICU, This money doesn’t go to the hospital, OR the insurance company… it comes to me & Clif.

So anyways…we are PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING (!!!) that the Lord allows this insurance to be underwritten (or whatever needs to be done) so that the three little E’s are covered. It would be SUCH a blessing, especially with me being out of work for so long. But we will see…

Our next appointment is on Wednesday (a week from today) on the 11th. SO looking forward to this appointment because we get ANOTHER ultrasound. J We are pretty excited to see our Little Love’s again. Though – really, the only reason that we get to see them is because wild child, Eli didn’t want to get off of his belly long enough for us to get a front view of his heart. BUT I am okay with that because now we get to see all three of them, and hear their little beating hearts. SO looking forward to it.

Will update more when there is more to update on!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Never will forget...

Today (along with next Sunday)... I remember the little girl that made me a Mommy. My Lillian Joy. :) Some days saying her name (or even thinking about it) makes me want to cry (and many times I do). But today... her name makes me smile.

I am a Mother because of a tiny little girl born on November 13th,2009... a girl that passed away on November 13th,2009... a girl that changed my life.

I love you Lilly. Then, now and forever. And I will never forget that YOU are the one that made me the Mommy that I am.

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