Saturday, May 28, 2011

day 1

Of bed rest that is. :)

I have been awake since a little before 7am...on my first day of official bed rest! much for rest. HA! I can't complain though, I DID sleep really well... just up and down to the bathroom (imagine that), and then Clif got in from work at 7am, took a shower, and came to bed...and started rubbing on babies. For some reason when I empty my bladder they go NUTS, and then they LOVE to be rubbed by their daddy. so needless to say, after several punches in the bladder...and butts being shoved in my ribs - I opted to go ahead and get up. Plus my tummy was growling for some strawberries, milk and peanut butter & jelly toast!

I am actually getting ready to shower and head out, just for a few hours. I'm meeting up with a co-worker to get some hand-me-downs for little boys! YAY!! I have SOOOOO much laundry to do, it's not even funny. You wouldn't believe all the clothes that friends have given us already, some old, and some new!!

Things are actually starting to come together with the room's for the triplets. One nursery was already complete, and since we are having a girl, we don't have to paint over the dandelion that I had painted when we were getting things ready for Lilly :)

A few weeks ago, Clif cleaned out the second spare bedroom, ripped up carpet, and pained the walls (yay!). This is going to be their "play" room for now. Also will be used for early morning feedings and such. We'll have a rocking chair, cradle, dresser, shelf...those sorts of things in there. I'm so excited about getting it all set up!!

We purchased flooring for the room on now all we are waiting for is Tuesday to come, so that Clif and my dad can get it put down :) We decided to go with lock in hardwood laminate...or whatever you call it. Just because it will be much easier clean up. Especially since in the future it will be home for two little boys!

My parents bought a dresser for their room, it's a three drawer (how appropriate) with a book shelf thingie that goes on top :) I am going to replace the knobs, and have decided that they will be color coded. A different color on each drawer, for each child. I've got to do something to keep things straight, right?? I figure since they are going to be so tiny, and the drawers are rather big, we should be able to keep the majority of their daily clothes (that they can wear at that time) in this dresser.

I've never really been one to organize things (well, sometimes I just depends)... but I am going to buy Rubbermaid containers and separate the clothes by size. That way, when they grow out of the newborn stuff, we can throw it in a box, and pull out the next one. At least, that sounds like a good idea at the moment. :)

I can't believe that we are going to have babies here in just a few short weeks...well, really, months... but weeks sounds better. Hope and pray that each of you have a good weekend!!! Stay cool :)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I hope that bedrest goes quickly and you find lots of good books, shows, and internet to entertain you!

That corgi :) said...

I like the way you are thinking about organizing with the clothes. Too bad we didn't leave closer; I have tons of those rubber maid containers we aren't using and probably won't use that I would pass on to you; the nice sturdy blue ones. (we moved into my husband's parents' home since they went into assisted living; their stuff is all here still, what a mess, but his mom would store lots of things in those types of bins so we got plenty of them, LOL)

It does seem like the rooms are coming together quite well!! I'm sure being at bed rest/not working, you'll still develop some type of routine for your days that does have you on a schedule of rest, naps, etc :)

enjoy the day


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Going out to meet a friend today doesn't sound like bed rest to me!

Amanda said...

I know it may sound crazy, but I have loved bed rest. I have found that it has really given me some great time alone with my little guy, AND some great time alone with God. It has forced me to a new place with God...and it's been so sweet. I have been on bed rest since January 31st, after having a cerclage placed to save my baby's life. I was 13w3d pregnant at the time. Today I am 30w2d pregnant... WOW!! Only 2 more weeks of bed rest.

Caroline said...

Enjoy your bedrest , your going to need it. I know too that you will enjoy every moment being busy.

Always in my heart & prayers
Take care

Holly said...

Def use the totes to organize. I use them to separate size and it works well!

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