Wednesday, May 11, 2011

thankful for 22 weeks...

Twenty two weeks today :) Again…so thankful that we have made it this far with our little Skittle’s. Can’t believe it!! Things are starting to REALLY sink in. I’m going to have THREE babies in just a few months. But even though I get nervous thinking about everything… I couldn’t possibly be more excited!!

Today we had our 22 week appointment with Dr G, but before that… an ultrasound! We lucked out – only because we have a stubborn son that didn’t want to roll on his back so that we could see the front of his heart. Sheesh…what am I in for?

Once again…Eli was stretched out across the bottom of my belly, laying on HIS belly. Stubborn kid. After a LOT of convincing (and several kicks to my bladder and other parts) Miss V FINALLY got him to roll enough to get the shots that she needed. Praise the Lord! She said that as far as she can tell, everything looks great with all three babies. We were able to see each of them, and their little hearts pumping away. I love ultrasounds… they never cease to amaze me. Oh, did I mention that Easton has wedged himself up under my ribs, with his head towards the middle of my belly? And Elliana is standing with her head under my ribs on the other side. It was actually pretty funny watching them today. I have been telling Clif that Elliana and Easton play together – but I don’t think that he believed me. However, today, he witnessed it for himself. It was so cool watching them poke at each other – even from their separate sacks!! And little Miss Elliana was kicking her brother, Eli, in the head the whole time. Too funny. They are definitely getting big and running out of room… because they are right on top of one another. I love it.

As far as the actual ultrasound goes…everything went well. V says that all the babies look great (from what she can tell), Eli’s heart looks normal, and fluid levels are right on track! We are SO very thankful for such a great report.

After the ultrasound we waited for B to come and take my vitals :) She finally called me to check my weight and my blood pressure. Blood pressure was great… once again, I think it’s much better after my mind is put at ease… knowing that my babies are a-ok. Weight…was good for the babies, but not so good for Mommy’s self-esteem. I gained SEVEN pounds in two weeks. The thing is… I haven’t really been eating “bad”. I just eat often. Like…yesterday, I had a chicken salad for lunch (followed by some peanut m&m’s…but still!). I really try to watch my sodium, and I’ve been drinking a TON of water. So I don’t feel too bad about it. Dr G didn’t have anything “negative” to say about it…however when he pulled up my chart he was like, “hmmm…up a little this week, huh?” Well Doc, I’m carrying THREE babies in there. And to be completely honest… they stay pretty hungry. It’s pretty sad, and slightly embarrassing when you finish a normal sized meal that should fill the average person (and is generally more than I would eat when I’m not pregnant…) and you are STILL hungry. This happens more than just occasionally. Oh, and I drink a lot of milk :)

The book that I read a while back said that I should gain 35 pounds by 25 weeks. Or something like that. So if that’s the case… I’m right on track. I just want to do what’s best for optimal birth weight. Which the doctor in this book swears by carbs carbs carbs (the good kind). So we will see. V said that the babies should be right at a pound now.

The visit with Dr G went just as good. I am measuring at 33 ½ - almost 34 weeks, and still no swelling! :) He told me today…”well, you’re measuring more like an 8 ½ month pregnant lady!” Too funny. He is THRILLED with how well that I’m getting along. He keeps asking if I am miserable, if I’m having contractions, or if I am having severe back pain. No, no…and I have backpain sometimes… but nothing that me & a Tylenol can’t handle.

Dr G says if I continue to do as well as I am now, that I may be able to make it past 34 weeks. He also confirmed that we will be having an ultrasound every appointment from here on out to check fluids & heart beats. YAY! I was very excited. So far, everything looks great… but he will be keeping an eye on everything. He says that if for some reasons complication occur, that there is a shot that he can begin giving me to help develop the babies lungs. He also said that the NICU at the hospital where I plan to deliver is just as good as any in the country. They are completely up to date with all the new technology. Which, I’ve heard all that from other people… but hearing it from my own doctor made me feel really good.

We also learned (because my lovely husband HAD to ask) that there will be anywhere from 25-30 people in the operating room with me when I deliver. Isn’t that just fun to think about. When he started naming off all the doctors and nurses that each of us would need, I was amazed. I knew it was going to be a lot, but geez!!

So we go back in two weeks for an ultrasound, my glucose test (mmmm glucola) and an office visit with Dr M, because Dr G is on vacation. This will be on the 26th, and the next day will be my last day as a working woman for a while.

Whew. Thanks so much for all the prayer and support! We really appreciate it.

Also…please be praying for our friends daughter, M. She was taken to the hospital yesterday for breathing issues – and since then they have been told that she has pneumonia in both lungs. She is a little over one year old.



That corgi :) said...

this is just so exciting! I love your updates!! it is good that soon you will be a "lady of leisure" (yeah right, but you khow what I mean), be able to not have the work schedule and be able to rest, etc.

I would imagine that has to be one big delivery room with all those people in there! I bet it will be such a joyous event though!

glad to hear the visit went well and you got to see the three little ones and hear their precious heart beats!


Raquel said...

I'm glad the appointment went well. It was so funny to read the descriptions of the babies...I think it's really cute that they are all ready playing together and picking on each other. :-)
Will be praying for all of you...and your little M.

TanaLee Davis said...

WOW! You have quite the post today. Lots to talk about. I am glad that all the news was positive! Congrats on 22 weeks and on with 23..

Caroline said...

Yay for a great appt. Continuing to pray and for your friends little one.
Take care

Ausmerican Housewife said...

Aren't lil girls supposed to kick their brothers in the head?

Anthony said...

Such exciting news....I love keeping up with your posts! Get as much rest as you can because I think you will need it very soon. Smiles and hugs sent your way

That corgi :) said...

dang that Blogger! I commented on this but I know Blogger lost/deleted lots of comments when they were down yesterday; hope you had a chance to read mine before it was gone. I don't exactly remember what I said, LOL, but I was glad that all was going well with the visit and with your precious babies!


Holly said...

I love how they play w/ each other!

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