Sunday, May 29, 2011

LIGHTS! (Day 2) blueberry waffles for me this morning. :( I am currently eating a PB&J sandwich with nacho cheese doritos. HA! Lovely combination for a lovely breakfast.
I woke up at 6:30am to some AWFUL noises coming from inside our closet (where the hot water heater is). I'm not going to sounded like a rat, and I was freaking out. :) Clif wasn't home from work yet...and I am terrified of anything that resembles a mouse...let alone something even bigger!!!
Needless to say, after a few stopped. And when I opened my eyes, I realized...hey, why is the ceiling fan slowing down? Oh...and the other fan is completely off.
YUP...our electricity went out this morning. Big bummer. I need a shower... clothes need to be ironed for church, and I can't even dry my hair (IF there was enough water left in the tank to take a shower). *sigh* Gotta love it.
I guess that maybe this is God's way of preparing me for the years of no sleep ahead? least, a year. I'm pretty sure that I will be sleep deprived for at LEAST that long when the babies get here!
Apparently, AEP has some substation problems that have effected 23,000 people in our area. LOVE it. :) It just so happened that my laptop battery had a little power left - so I thought that I would hop on here and complain for a minute or two :)
Day two of bed rest, and it has proven to be an eventful day already... OH, and did I mention that my parents don't have power either? Which means...our church doesn't have power either. :) Candlelight service it is!
Below are some 24 week belly shots, and a few of the triplets bathroom & play room (that's a work in progress)...enjoy, and happy Sunday!!

Their "play room"...under construction :) My dad & Clif are going to lay the floor on Tuesday evening... and then we can get started moving in their furniture!! FINALLY... I will have a little space to do some things!!!

I bought this shower curtain yesterday, and LOVE it! :) I figure that frogs would be appropriate, since there are boys AND a girl. Too cute...


Allyson Shockley said...

I just LOVE the bathroom!! :) So cute!!

That corgi :) said...

that is a cute shower curtain! What a way to begin the morning! hope the power is back on by now and your day was a good one!


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that shower curtain! Could you shoot over to my blog and tell me where you got it? You're going to be great parents (((hugs)))

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