Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 week appointment & a prayer request for Eli :)

Well...I passed my glucose test. WOO HOO! Actually, it's cracking me up because as I type this post - I have a strawberry twizzler hanging out of my mouth. :)
I've deprived myself (and the babies) of candy,ice cream, bread & potatoes for the last week in hopes that I wouldn't have to go back for the dreaded three hour test. Bleh! They say that they make you come back for the 3 hour test if you sugar is above 145. Mine was 134, which they were very satisfied with. My iron is a little low (normal is 12, I am at 11.4)... but they said that it's normal at this place in pregnancy, with one! :) So, no iron supplement for me, unless I start to be really tired/fatigued. Yay!!
Oh, and let me go ahead and mention blood pressure? 130/ nurse all but did backflips. :) I was SOOOO happy. It's the lowest it's been at the doctor's office so far. Which is funny, because at home it's normally 110-120s/170s.
We had our ultrasound, and even though our growth scan wasn't supposed  to be until 26 weeks... it was done today. Don't really know why... but whatever. We were definitely NOT complaining about getting to see our babies for 30+ minutes!! Eli & Elliana are head down, and Elliana & Easton are butt first in my ribs. Too funny. For the last few days, I will get this hard knot at the top of my belly. I thought it was a foot or something, NOPE, it's their butt's. :)
Everyone measured right on schedule...Eli & Easton are both weighing in at 1lb8oz, and little Elliana is 1lb7oz...just one little ounce behind her brothers. :) I am 24w1d today, the boys measured in at 24w3d and Elliana at 24w1d. We couldn't be more pleased!!
We do have a small prayer request for our wild child, Eli. Miss V was measuring organs & such today for the growth scan, and one of Eli's kidneys is measuring slightly bigger than the norm. She said that they normally measure no more than 6, and his is between a 5 & 6. She kept telling me not to go home and worry about it, that it's extremely common in little boys. She also said that it almost always corrects itself in time. If it were to get where they would be concerned about it (between 8-12) they would send us to a specialist, and the little guy might have to have a procedure done when he is born. BUT, she said that as of now... it's still withing normal limits, it's just prominent. So they want to keep an eye on it.
I'm not really worried about it...especially since she said that it's common. She said that she's seen kidneys measure 12-14 and correct themselves. So we are trusting and waiting. :)
Heart rates were wonderful, and we got to hear them twice! Ha! We heard them during the ultrasound... Eli @ 143bpm, Easton @ 153bpm, and Elliana @ 151bpm.
I saw a new doctor today, Dr M (that delivered my best friend's baby last Friday). MUCH older than I had thought - but all in all, I liked him, He's a very "matter of fact" doctor... but sometimes, that's a good thing. :) He asked what kind of work that I did... and I told him that I am a teller manager until tomorrow. That Dr G had already written a note for my HR department, and that he is taking me out as of tomorrow. He was very pleased with that. He also warned me that he is an avid Wal*Mart & Lowes shopper, and that since I am being taken out of work - it does not mean that I can run around doing a million things. He says it defeats the purpose :) I promised him that I will be as much of a couch potato as possible.
I'm measuring at 37 weeks for a 24 weeks with three!! :) He seemed to think that was pretty humorous. OH and when he first came in and introduced himself to us, he made a joke about meeting "a man like Clif". Apparently, Clif knows how to get it done. HA! I told him that we get an ultrasound every time to check fluid levels and heart rates - but he wanted to listen to the heart beats anyways! And he got them on the first try! :) So we got to hear our little ones TWICE today.
All in all, it was a GREAT afternoon!! After we got out of the doctor's office (two hours later...Dr M was on call, and apparently got backed up with his appointments this afternoon), Clif treated me to dinner at Red Robin. YUM! I will say that I ate like a pig... but I couldn't help it. I started off with a side of clam strips, which I have been craving for WEEKS...and then had a burger & fries. Followed by... a "Rookie Magic" milkshake. SOOOOO good. And I'm still full!! :) Babies didn't know what to do since I haven't been eating a lot of carbs the last few days.
Well...that's all for now...just wanted to update you all. If you think of it, please say a quick prayer for our little Eli. Again...not really worried, but still will be in the back of our mind. :) Thanks in advance!!!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a great appointment.
Keeping Eli in my prayers.

Trennia said...

My family and I have been praying for you,Cliff and all three babies since you told about the pregnancy, we will be saying extra prayers for Eli.

That corgi :) said...

yea!! after tomorrow you will be able to "kick" back and rest a bit more! yum on the Red Robin dinner! their food is always soo good!

the visit sounded like it went great!! Will pray for all, including Eli's kidneys

have a great weekend


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like things are really going well! Enjoy your twizzlers :-)

elena said...

Yay! Glad the appointment went well. Praying. Hugs

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