Monday, May 30, 2011

day 3

Still no real resting as of yet :) Imagine that. We went to Clif's aunts house last night after church to watch a movie. I, of course, was asleep within fifteen minutes of starting the movie!! We left there at like quarter til eleven, and then when we got home...Clif popped in "Bill Dance Bloopers" (can you see the eye roll?) and I went to sleep yet again!
I have no clue what time he finally told me to get up and go to bed... but then alarms started going off at 6am this morning. Lovely. I told Clif that I would take him and his friend from work, and drop them off at a fishing spot...and then go back and get them. Geez...
Now I''m hanging out at my moms, waiting for them to call me...and I just finished making a ton of blueberry pancakes for them to eat when they decide to show up!
I plan to go home and lay around, while Clif cleans & mows grass (even though I feel bad for laying around while he does all the work).
A little later...we're making a run to town, grabbing a few things... and then having friends over for a cook out :) Busy day...


That corgi :) said...

sounds like a fun day planned with friends; I'm sure life will settle down a bit after the holiday weekend and you'll get more rest!


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