Thursday, May 19, 2011

the 23rd week

Yesterday marked twenty three weeks pregnant… and we couldn’t be happier (and excited)! Clif and I both feel SO blessed that we have made it this far with this pregnancy.

I think that the whole “three babies” is starting to set in more and more each and every day. Not that it hadn’t before… but it’s just becoming very…real. At least for me. I can’t believe that they are going to be here in just a few short weeks.

We are praying (and praying some more) that we are able to make it to August 3rd…which would be exactly 34 weeks. But I am realizing that it might be a long stretch. And then again…maybe not. I’ve seen a lot of women with triplets on tv, and they are going 33-36 weeks. Whew! I even met a lady a few months ago that delivered her triplets at 36 weeks, and they went home with her just four days after delivery! Amazing. Then I have come into contact with someone that had her triplets at 30 weeks. So it’s pretty much up to my body, and the three E’s.

I don’t have too many updates, as life has been pretty uneventful these days (thanking God for that)! Babies seem to be doing well, and from what they can tell everything looks a-ok with all three. Praise the Lord!

As of my last appointment, I am up to a thirty three pound weight gain. Which… as much as I’m NOT happy about all this weight gain (and the fear of it being difficult coming off), I know that it’s a good thing…for the babies at least!!

I’m still fairly mobile, but am becoming very tired. This week especially, it has been a CHORE to even get out of bed in the morning. I feel as if I’m back to my first trimester, wanting to sleep for twelve hours straight.

My appetite has slowed down a little… which is good. There for a while, I could eat a meal… and still be hungry. Which, can be pretty embarrassing. Ha! Oh well, after all… I AM eating for FOUR people.

Eli,Easton & Elliana are becoming more and more active by the day. I try not to be too paranoid about feeling them move – just because if I’m moving, they tend to be still. AND, I’m sure that the inside of my tummy is becoming a pretty cramped place these days. When we went to the doctor on the 11th, Miss V, the ultrasound tech said that the babies should be right at a pound. The way that I’m growing…and the way that I’m feeling them bounce around in there… I’m thinking that they have been growing this last week.

Speaking of active babies… these last few days, it’s like they have been sucking straight caffeine out of their placentas (which I know isn’t entirely true, because I MIGHT drink 3 ounces of caffeine a day. MAYBE). Last night during church, I thought that I was going to pee my pants. They all three were flopping around inside of me. It is an amazing feeling… but slightly uncomfortable (and unnerving) at the same time. This morning… they woke me up at 6:00am, and I didn’t think that I was going to be able to go BACK to sleep. It felt like my belly was going to sprout legs and walk off of the bed. It wasn’t the cute little pokes and prods that normally warm my heart, it was full body flopping action…that mixed with the heartburn that I seem to have 24/7 – I thought I might toss my cookies.

As I sit here an type Eli and Elliana are kicking around (I fear they may be enemies…ha!)… and Easton must be worn out from his last dance session, that ended about ten minutes ago.

Next Friday, the 27th will be my last day of work. And though I am VERY much looking forward to being able to rest… I’m a little uneasy about not working. Or earning a pay check. I’ve got about 6 weeks paid leave, and then we aren’t really sure what will happen. Which…is a little scary, but we know Who is in control.

There are a few things that I am looking forward to these next few days and weeks….

***Tomorrow morning at 10am, my best friend A, will be headed into the operating room to deliver her son, “Prince Charming”, via c-section. Please pray with us as this is taking place. Where a c-section tends to be a pretty routine surgery, A, her husband J, and their precious little one (baby #2) need our prayers. Please pray that God will guide the doctor’s hands, and that everything with the little guy will be a-ok.

***Saturday afternoon, my friend R, is having her baby shower at our church! I’m pretty excited about it. :) I love baby showers…and it’s a lot more enjoyable when you’re expecting yourself!! R is pregnant with two little baby girls, due to arrive sometime in July. Please pray for R as she carries these little girls for the remaining weeks, and that everything would go smoothly with their delivery. SO excited for our little ones to have so many friends their own age to play with as they grow up!!

***In just a few weeks, on June 4th is my baby shower…which I am SUPER excited about. Baby Shower’s for ONE baby is a blast, and I know that carrying three little bundles will make it all the more special. I have a wonderful church family that will be throwing the shower for me – and a slew of church members, friends, co workers and family members that were invited. Seriously…we sent out a few invitations shy of 120. Craziness.

Well…will update again soon! I’m sure you’ll be seeing my 23 week pictures out here soon! Thank you for your continued prayers for Clif, me and our three little E’s.

OH...PS, we received a letter in the mail from Aflac yesterday. Hopefully we will know something in two weeks :) Keep those prayers a coming!


trooppetrie said...

My daughters Heritage girls teacher made it to 35 weeks which seemed unheard of. Take it easy. My last baby was born at 31 weeks. My water broke at 26 weeks and I was able to be in the hospital until 31 weeks when they could not stop labor. PRaying for these precious blessings and for you

That corgi :) said...

always enjoy reading your updates! sounds like all continues to go well! God will meet every one of your needs, I trust he will! So don't worry! I think it will be good to be able to have the "rest" after you stop working next week and not have to be on that type of schedule.

Don't worry about the weight gain. I think you'll be so busy afterwards, you won't have a lot of trouble losing the weight

prayers continue!


Caroline said...

Praying for you so much. God is watching over you I know. I'm so excited for you. I remember my friend when she had her twins. Her shower was so much fun. They came early to but only cause they were running out of room. Things turned out wonderful.

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