Sunday, December 12, 2010

blessings in pill form :)

I can't let this go without sharing it with you all :) It was a total and complete GOD thing. There is no other explanation...only Him.

This past Friday, as most of you know, I went to the doctor. Dr S that is, he is my RE & Infertility Specialist. I received good news...along with a mighty hefty dose of Clomid to be filled.
I dropped my prescription off at the pharmacy on my lunch break, and then had to go back after work to pick it up. When I dropped it off, I asked the Pharmacist if they had it in stock - and if she could tell me how much it would cost. I explained that I knew it would be a pretty penny - and that my insurance doesn't pay anything towards it. She then told me that it was in stock, and for the thirty five pills that I need - it was going to be $90.88. Those meds only lasting seven days. I was okay with this, and prepared to spend a hundred dollars on the meds.
That afternoon when I returned to pick up the pills, there was different pharmacist working. She was busy when I first walked in, and she told me that she would be right with me. Next thing I know - me & the lady, J, and practically best friends (though she doesn't know it yet!). I gave her my name, and when she took a look at the bag, she was like..."Hun, you know that your insurance doesn't cover this, right?". I told her that I knew, and that I was also prepared to pay for it. Then she asked me, "has anyone ever told you about the Walgreens Prescription Savers Card?" Uh...NO!
The savers card costs twenty dollars a year. I don't even really understand what it is... but the way I grasp it is, that it's almost like a second form of insurance?
I don't know. But she explained to me that if I were to be prescribed something that is not covered by my insurance that I can use this card in the future to purchase medications not covered by Anthem. So the membership cost me twenty dollars. Anyone want to take a stab at how much the prescription cost me??


TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS! :) So, I got a year membership with the savers card...AND thirty five Clomids, and it only cost me forty eight dollars.
Needless to say, that totally made my night...


croleyc69 said...

That's Awesome !! What a blessing !! This could be a sign that good things are coming. I'm praying. {{HUGS]]


Ausmerican Housewife said...

Oh that is wonderful! :D

Lori said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

AMAZING! So happy for you! God things are the BEST :) :) :)

Betty said...

YAY!!! What a wonderful blessing!

Trennia said...

That is awesome, praying for you and Cliff!

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