Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh what fun it is poked and prodded?

So...AF has arrived. Kinda. And as always, it was medicine induced. My last cycle (pre surgery) was weird, and this one is too. I think it's because when I used to see Dr G, he would have me take the Provera for ten days. Because there was lack of time before my surgery, Dr S had me take five days worth. That's what I did this time too. Has anyone else heard taken Provera (progesterone) for just five days? Anyways, it's got my cycles all screwed up and weird - but on the bright side of things, the side effects are so much less severe. :)
I called the doctors office to talk to "K", Dr S's nurse. And when they transferred me to her voicemail (I asked for Dr S's nurse), it wasn't her. :( It's still a "K"...but it's not the original "K". And when I talked to the new nurse, she said that "K" wasn't there, and that she didn't have access to the appointment calendar yet... and then transferred me to the front desk. Hm. I really don't want to have to go through meeting another nurse, telling her my story, and for her to deal with my screwed up body. Geez. I'm really hoping that she meant that "K" is on vacation, or leave or something...and not gone for good. She was young, and had experienced loss as well. She "got" me. Of course, I guess if you are going to be Dr S's nurse...that you kinda have to be nice to women like me. It's your job to deal with all the infertiles of the world. Okay, maybe not of the world... but at least a good number of women within the area.
That all said, I have an appointment at 8:15 on Friday for my baseline ultrasound. Apparently they have never called it that before, because after I hung up I was confused. :) So what did I do? Ask Dr Google of course! This is what I found...

Baseline Ultrasound•An ultrasound examination conducted at the outset of therapy in order to determine the general position and condition of the ovaries.

Apparently...I've been having these for almost three years now. And oh what FUN they are (not)! Oh well, at this point, I feel that everyone has seen "it"... and it doesn't even phase me anymore. Unless the doctor, plus several interns happen to see my peanut butter & jelly undies. :)
After my appointment, as long as there are no large cysts, I will be starting round 6 of Clomid sometime in the next few days. Whew...
Please begin praying with Clif and me, that if it be His will... that this month might be the month. :) What an awesome early birthday present that would be!
God bless!


Holly said...

I do hope and pray that this month is the month!

Mrs*Popcorn said...

definately praying!!

croleyc69 said...

Praying for you.


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