Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a dear friend.

This person may not even know how special he really is to me. I don't even really know him all that well. But the things that I do know about him are all good :) He is a good man.
We will call him "R". He actually used to be Clif's boss at a part time job. He's only a few years older than us.
"R" is a caring,generous, and all around sweet guy. One day he will make someone very happy.
The reason I am even bringing him up is because of something I thought of today. I was in the kitchen,making my fudge (that turned out very yummy, by the way!)...and I was thinking about all the people that reached out to us during the first few weeks following Lilly's death. All the calls, visits, was overwhelming.
November 13th,2009 was a long day...and by the end of that day I was every single sense of the word. But I wanted to show the world my baby, and let everyone know what happened. So Clif and I (together) logged onto facebook... not knowing what we may find when signing in.
The very first person to contact me (other than calls & visits) was "R". When I read his kind,heartfelt message I bawled like a baby. Seriously sobbed. He told me how much he was praying for us, and how loved we were by so many people. He closed with "dearly love you both".
I don't know why that stuck with me over time... but it has. Someone who had been in our lives for such a short time...a friend that truly cared.
I don't know if I've ever shared this before... but it crossed my mind. :) I am so very grateful for kind people like "R".


croleyc69 said...

Thank God for kind people. {{HUGS}}


Lindsey said...

It is the people like that, the ones you don't really expect to care, that really affect me the most when they do reach out. God puts these people in our lives for a reason, I feel.

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