Thursday, September 30, 2010

a little more...

Okay. I have a bunch of jumbled up thoughts that are going to spew, bare with me.

First and foremost, I want to ask you guys to pray for someone that Clif used to work with at the rental company.

His name is Tony. I'm not sure how old he is - if I had to guess I would say late 40s possibly early 50s. We got a phone call from Clif's old boss this morning at 6:30 - telling Clif that Tony was in the hospital. He had a stroke yesterday.

Please understand that my husband hates hospitals. He always has a really hard time visiting anyone while they are there. I am really surprised he "handled" being at the hospital with me for three days last November. The entire time we have been together, anytime someone is in the hospital - he will do anything in his power NOT to go see them.


As soon as Clif got off the phone he told me that he was going to visit Tony in the hospital. On top of Tony having a stroke, his mother has been in the same hospital for WEEKS. She has had like a total of 24 strokes since she went into the hospital.

Please be in prayer for these dear people. And not only for their physical well being, but their spiritual as well.

Clif came to see me at work today - and when I asked how Tony was doing, he said not very well. He doesn't seem to be paralyzed, but he can't speak. :(

Stroke victims are real close to my heart. My grandfather (that I was closest to) was confined to a hospital for a year because of a massive stroke. After the stroke, he could not move his left side - and could not speak.

*sigh* Well, I said that I had a lot to talk about. But really that's what's weighing on my heart right now. Thanks for your prayers. More to come later...


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