Friday, September 10, 2010


:) Just a short little happy post saying that after nine LONG months...


Ah...I feel better.

Nine months ago I swore off caffeine. For health purposes (addicted doesn't even BEGIN to describe caffeine and the old me), and for baby making purposes.

So today I decided to treat myself. And it was good. Really good.


Stephanie said...

Before Amelia ~ I was NOT a coffee drinker. Then I would go for a treat every once in a while...NOW I am drinking more Starbucks than I should. I just have all of the sudden developed a taste for it.

Your super human will power is amazing! 9 months without it ~ you go girl!

Jennifer said...

Yeah for You!!! I am glad you got to have a coffee! There is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging now and again. :)

Trennia said...

I told my hubby to slow down on coffee when we had tried for awhile after I miscarried in 2001.He did so,then in 2005 he got to drinking way to much like (2) coffee pots + a day!
Weird thing I got pregnant with Samuel in oct.2005...who knows.

Jessica said...

Yeaaaa for really good things! I was massively addicted to Diet Pepsi. Now when I have it it is SO good ;)

croleyc69 said...

Yay for you !!!


Lori said...

Good for you!!!!!!!!

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