Tuesday, September 28, 2010

please pray.

Please say a prayer. I don’t know who the family is. I don’t even know their names. I don’t know any details of what happened. I just…know their pain.

There is a family that Clif and I heard of yesterday that lost their little boy. Their one year old son died. I believe it was unexpectedly.

Let me just say… never type in “infant” for a search in your local newspapers obituaries. It’s right down depressing. Seriously. Not only the obituaries for babies… but people who died who were proceeded in death by an infant child, or sibling. It’s crazy. Breaks my heart.

And makes me think too. So many people take their healthy children for granted. They think since they carried them for nine months (give or take) that they have made it! Nothing can happen now. So wrong.

Unborn babies die, new born babies die, children die…there is no age on death.

Please pray for this family.

Also – though it’s not nearly as important, please say a prayer for me. It’s been a rough week (or so). And now I’m not feeling the greatest. I have had a headache all day long, my stomach is upset…I just…don’t feel good.


croleyc69 said...

Praying <3 for everyone.
I hope you get to feeling better to.

Trennia said...


Prayer Requests said...

My husband and I were moved from your prayer.
We are praying that god will help you in your situation.
When we find our self in times like this we use holylandprayer.com
It helps us feel closer to god when we need it most, I truly recommend you to try it.
God bless you.

Jessica said...

Praying for that family and all others in such sad situations. Praying that you feel better too. Much love to you <3 (((hugs))) <3

Lucid Anne said...

Praying that you feel better... praying for another family with heartbreak. :( <3

Holly said...

Praying for them and for you

Lori said...

Praying for that precious family and of course, always for you!!

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