Thursday, October 7, 2010

what's going on?

A few things that don't have to do with my infertility...or my loss. :)

I've had a good few days here recently. And I'm so thankful for the change.

Tuesday night we had my *best* (guy...other than Clif) over for dinner. :) It had been a really long time since we had hung out. I really enjoyed it. He ("Jim") was his normal self, which means...he was right around 30-45 minutes late. That's so him. I made baked ziti (one of my new found favorite dishes!) and garlic bread. YUM. I can't tell you enough how good it was to see him. We've been friends for...well, about 22 years. I have pictures of us together in our church nursery. We've come a long way since then. And though there has been a lot that's happened over the years, and we've drifted...we know we'll always be friends. And that we'll always be there for one another. :) Jim also works with my that makes it nice.

Wednesday proved to be a decent day as well. I have to work (for three hours...not so bad) on Saturday so I got a half day off. My mom and I went to C'burg to shop. It was my daddy's birthday (and brothers) and I went gift shopping. Though, I came back pretty much empty handed. I did find my dad something. But it ended up not working, so I have to take it back. Boo. :) We went to church last night, and then Clif and I went home, took showers...and cuddled up in bed and watched Law & Order SVU (our favorite!) and ate Ramen noodles. I never really tried them with an open mind...maybe it was because you can get a pack for like 10 cents. I don't know. But Clif absolutely loves them...and I found that I actually like them too! Though,
I won't be eating them to often. Does anyone know how much sodium is in one pack of those things?!

And finally, tonight. Clif called me at work today to see if I wanted to go to Bdubs (buffalo wild wings). I hesitated, because I had already planned on cooking. And I didn't get off until six tonight...and then I was like, what am I thinking? Why would I want to go home and cook after a long day of work when the husband is offering to take me out? Of course...he only wants to go because it's 65 cent boneless wings tonight. Ha! Anyways...we're going with our new(er) friends, "A" & "B". Looking forward to it :)

On top of all that...I AM OFF ON MONDAY! yay. :) Thank you Columbus!! Hope all is well...


Desiree said...

Very good to "see" you happy! Maybe the Lord is helping you see the good.

croleyc69 said...

Yay for some good days. Thinking of you always.


Lori said...

I smiled at going shopping in C'burg! I used to work at Claire's there in the mall and also in the Sears optical department when in school--ahh....good memories!

Yeah, Ramen is OUTRAGEOUSLY high in sodium...but every now and then, admittedly yummy!

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