Wednesday, October 6, 2010

heavy hearted.

Okay, I know that this is my third post of the day. BUT... I had to write this, since it is heavy on my heart today.

Remember a few days ago when I asked prayer for the family that lost the one year old??

Well...he wasn't one year old.

He was one MONTH old. Big difference.

This little boy that was one month old had a bowel obstruction. His bowels backed up and he had a heart attack. A one year old.

*sigh* Please pray for the "S" family today as they have to endure the pain of a funeral for their little boy.


Lori said...

Heartbreaking....just heartbreaking. Lifting that family up...

Holly said...

:( How terrible... praying for them

croleyc69 said...

That is so sad ... Praying for the family.


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