Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6: twenty things that calm me.

Hm twenty things that calm goes nothing!

1.) Prayer.
2.) Reading my Bible.
3.) Talking to Clif.
4.) Having my back rubbed.
5.) Having my hair played with.
6.) Music.
7.) Bubble baths.
8.) Conversation with good friends.
9.) Laughter.
10.) A good cup of coffee.
11.) A good cry.
12.) Scrapbooking.
13.) A long walk.
14.) Singing.
15.) Blogging.
16.) Shopping :)
17.) Mowing grass.
18.) Cleaning.
19.) Long talks.
20.) Baking.


Trennia said...

those are great calming thoughts!

Lori said...

Cleaning is near the top of my list...isn't that weird???

croleyc69 said...

I like your list.


Mrs*Popcorn said...

all of these are great calming techniques for me too!! especially baking, mmm :)

praying for you and yours !!

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