Monday, October 18, 2010


So I was reading a post by Lori this morning. It was about a precious family who lost their daughter, Emma Grace. And how that they aren't able to afford a funeral for this little girl.

Then, there is the whole thing going on with Darla - who lost her little baby, and is now fighting for her life.

Oh, and don't forget about the family that buried their little one month old son "X" a few weeks back. The one month old that had a heart attack.

Maybe (before losing Lilly), I was oblivious like the world that surrounds us. I didn't realize that babies die. I never thought about women and men struggling with infertility.

And even since losing Lilly I am still oblivious to some of the costs.

I'm slightly embarrassed at all the help that we received after she died. The amount of money that was sent... the things that were taken care of without us having to do anything.

The funeral home that we chose doesn't charge (anything) for infant funerals. Otherwise it would have cost us several thousand dollars. We didn't even have to pay for her casket. We were given the number to a cemetary (where my great grandparents are buried) where they have donated plots.

Her headstone was a couple thousand dollars, but with all the donations we didn't have any out of pocket expense.

My doctor was/is amazing. I was only charged a small amount for my hospital stay and surgery. It's already paid off.

I feel incredibly blessed for the things that God has given us. I am thankful for the people that the Lord has sent into our lives.

And I hate that such tragic things are reminding me how greatly blessed we are.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. In the heartache of losing your Lilly you have been able to see blessing from God. That is beautiful. ((HUGS))

Trennia said...

praying for all the families.

croleyc69 said...

Praying for all. Sometimes it's something how we can still see a blessing through something so terrible.


Jessica said...

Sad that on top of such horrible loss people have to go in debt too :( (((hugs)))

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