Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 18: my wedding.

Day 18 my wedding, in pictures. Enjoy!

 *My mom gave me a scrapbook of my life just before the wedding began*

*Mother in law & Mother...doesn't even look like my mom. She's lost 50+ pounds since Clif and I got married*

*Clif & his cousin, Daniel, the best man*

*Me & all of my attendants*

*Me & Aleisha, my maid of honour and my best friend*

*The bride*

 *Aleisha,myself, Clif and Daniel*

*Exhausted after a long ceremony and hundreds of pictures*

*Me, my adorable Uncle Rufus & hubby*

*We had cousins come in from Texas for the wedding. From left to right, Cameron (brother in law), Jaquelyn & Debra, myself, Clif, mother in law Shelia, and Daniel*

*Did I ever mention we had four pastors involved in our wedding? From left to right, James, my dad, Foster, and Ted*

*The whole wedding party... minus the ring bearer*


*The cake - my mom called the day before the wedding and the lady had forgotten about the cake!*

*Aleisha & Me...eating chocolate cups, gift from Mrs.Black*

*Me & Daniel...I love him, but never would tell him! ha!*


croleyc69 said...

Very beautiful wedding. I enjoyed looking at the pics.


Holly said...

I love looking at wedding pics!

Betty said...

I love those pictures! Everyone looks so happy! You looked great too! I really like that dress on you!

Trennia said...

Beautiful pictures!

Jamie Wilson said...

beautiful pictures!! you looked gorgeous!

i tagged you in my blog! check it out!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photographs!! You were such a beautiful bride. :D <3

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