Monday, October 4, 2010

my name is Desiree, and I'm not afraid to say it.

Can I just say that I think hiding behind an anonymous name is cowardly?? Here is a comment that was left on my blog last night. I have reason to believe that it's someone I know. There were several anonymous comments yesterday. The first one I know is someone who knows me. This one, I'd like to think that it's a stranger... but it's a little odd that my post would have brought on something like this from someone who doesn't know me. Here is the comment that was not published to my blog.

"I only left one comment (the 2nd anonymous comment) So apparently you have 2 people that think you are ridiculous. I don't know the people you are talking about. Did you even think about what you wrote in your last comment? And you call yourself a Christian? Maybe you need to work on yourself and your mental issues before you attempt to bring a child into your chaos. And you are disrespecting your dead baby. If you died would your mom put pictures of your dead body online for the world to see? Poor Lilly! "

You can mess with me all day long - but when you go talking about my "dead baby", that's when I get upset. I wasn't mad. I was crushed. Crushed that someone could be filled with such hate. It's actually pretty sad.

I am honoring my daughter the best way I know how. If you don't like it...don't read it. It's as simple as that.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Desiree, I came over to tell you that I have an award for you and I cannot believe what I am reading. I pray that you can put a comment like that behind you. People without compassion need help. They obviously have never lost someone who they loved beyond measure. I don't wish them bad things but I do pray that when they do suffer a loss that they will understand what they did to you and the pain goes deep inside their gut for being so evil. ((HUGS))

Radiant Readhead said...

ugh!!! what a punk! i can't believe people can be so inconsiderate! do they not understand that we only have certain things to hold onto as BLMs and if they don;t like the pics, DON:T COME ON THE BLOG A LOOK AT THEM!!!! ugh!!! and does this person NOT understand that bringing a LIVE babay into this world would actually HELP our situation...not cure it, but help it!?!? I am soooo sorry there is and A$$ out there like this!!

The Blue Sparrow said...

WOW! What nerve some people have! I feel sorry for those kind of people who have so little compassion for others that they feel the need to attack a bereaved mother for how she chooses to honor her passed child. They're sad and pathetic is what they they are. Dont give then another thought, they dont desearve your time! You are a wonderful Godly woman and I am proud of the way you chose to express and honor Lilly! I will be praying for them whoever they are, they need it. (((HUGS)))

croleyc69 said...

I'm so sorry someone had to be that mean to you. I wouldn't wish this kind of life on anyone but some people just have no idea what kind of pain we feel.


Amanda said...

what a bi^%$! I cannot believe someone would have the balls to write that on your blog, let alone someone who I'm sure has never buried a child. What a selfish, childish, person. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this drama. I'm glad you called this person out by sharing this 'comment' - you know we BLMs have your back right?!? It infuriates me when someone tries to tell me (or any of us) how we 'should' be dealing!

Jessica said...

OH MY GOSH Desiree!!! I am so sorry how freaking rude! And SO incredibly WRONG! I know that you know that but I wanted to say it anyways... you are showing the world how much you love your sweet Lilly. There is nothing disrespectful about that at all!! People can be soooo horrible. I am sorry that you are dealing with this crap. Much love to you hon! (((hugs))) <3

Lori said...

Friend, you KNOW how I feel about those kinds of comments...not only does cowardly completely define them, but you are right--they are sad, pathetic and filled with hate.

It just makes me remember what Jesus said, "The world will hate you because they hate Me."

Not that this was specific to your religious beliefs, but your beliefs guide your life and your heart and your actions and that's what's being criticized--and it's just sad, sad, sad.

I'm sorry that someone felt such pathetic need to hurt you. I pray that you know you do nothing but share your heart, with the love of God, and your love for Lilly is always evident and respectable.

Holly said...

I don't care one bit if I died and my mom put pics of me up! This anonymous needs to chill out and go somewhere else.

Stephanie said...

Seriously!? What kind of idiot posted that! Obviously they are not a baby loss parent or anyone who has any close or personal experience with death. I hate that you got such a horrible comment. But you must know that this person is just spewing venom. Hoping that you don't know this person in real life!

Mommy2NandL said...

Ouch! I hate this! Your blog is an encouragement to me and many others I'm sure. I think Lilly would be honored that her Mommy wants to tell the world about her. Don't let this person get you down

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