Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 7: photo that makes you smile.

Day 7 is a picture that makes you happy. I (of course) couldn't choose just one. If you know me outside of blogger world, you know that I absolutely LOVE pictures. My house is covered in them. In fact, I love pictures so much...I am *still* thinking about taking a photography class. Maybe next year. I don't know. It'd be something to keep my mind occupied. While doing what I love. :)

Below are four pictures that make me smile every time I look at them.

The first is a picture of my sweet Lilly Bean. :) I think that it really captures her true beauty and innocence.

The second picture is of me & Clif. It was taken the day after we were married. In Tennessee. At the worst restaurant in the world. But we were happy. (And still are). Every time I look at it, I can't help but smile. We've come so far from that day.

The third has a specialness to me :) Feet and I have a love hate relationship. I hate to touch them, or for them to touch me. (I guess baby feet are an exception...I tend to tickle & kiss baby feet). But I've always had this weird fascination with taking pictures of my feet. Ever since I was little. Don't ask me why. So when the nurses gave me the disk full of 60+ pictures I couldn't help but smile at all the pictures of her feet.

And the fourth. :) The day we found out that we were having a beautiful little girl. The day we named her "Lillian Joy". Every time I think of that day I smile. I can still see and smell the little ultrasound room. I can still see Clif standing beside me and holding my hand. I can feel the warm jelly on my tummy. I'll never forget the time moment "V" said, "you see those three little white lines? You're having a girl!" I remember the tears of joy that ran down my cheek. My perfect baby girl.

I know these pictures aren't new. You've all probably seen them one or twice. But they are all dear to my heart.

And they make me smile.


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Lori said...

Not a big fan of feet in adult life, but love, love, love those baby feet!

I am taking a photography class and really enjoy it. Maybe I'll actually even do something with it--I'm like you---LOVE pictures and have tons all over the place!

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