Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 30: a dream for the future.

I do have dreams of the future, and anyone who knows me...or reads this blog already know what those dreams are. I even shared a few before.

My dreams for the future include many as God will bless us with. I dream of a house full of children to love, but I'll settle for one (living).

My dreams include telling Lilly's story. Starting from when we first found out that she would be coming into this world, then the day we found out she was a girl...and then the day that we saw her in person. The day that she went home to be with her Jesus.

I dream of her story touching lives...lots of them! I can only pray that while the story of Lillian Joy Smith touch the hearts of others, that their hearts may also be touched by the love of God. The people may come to know Him because of my little girl.

I have many dreams for my future, for our future...and I'm just waiting for them to come true.


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