Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...I will praise You in this storm.'s been a weird few days. I'm actually a little numb from all the emotions that I've been feeling. ha! Actually, it's been a weird week. But that's okay! I'm still gonna praise Him in my storm!!
I've gotta tell you guys...I've had some bad thoughts. I'm really struggling to keep my attitude in check, really I am! There are just so many things happening with people...people that I know, and even some people that I don't know at all! I see people complaining about what they have...and it takes all I have not to scream at them, because what they are complaining about...that's what I'm living WITHOUT! That's what I want...that's what I have been wanting for three years now, THAT'S WHAT I LOST! So suck it up and deal with the hard times, deal without things that don't THANKFUL for what God has given you, and has let you KEEP! JUST DEAL WITH IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!*sigh* But I just smile and go on with my day. Tell them I'm praying for them, that I hope things get better. I'm really surprised that I haven't bitten my tongue off yet. =) Sorry just had to get that out there in the I feel a little better. haha!
Next thing to talk about I am SUPER excited about. It may sound a little stupid to some, but I honestly don't really care what people think!! And some people might think that it's just my friend having pity on me for losing my daughter, and if that's what people want to think - that's fine. And if they really knew it all, they would know that this question was going to be asked BEFORE my daughter died. So not that I've set the stage...
CLIF AND I ARE GODPARENTS! Yup. My friend "A" had a baby last at the time of the baby's birth things weren't the greatest between her and me. BUT, before Lilly died..."A" and I made amends...and I am so glad that we did!!!
So several weeks ago, "A" posed the question to me...asked if we would be willing to take the responsibility of being "T"s godparents. And after talking and praying, Clif and I happily accepted our roles! So that's my big news as of now... **big smile**
I hope that everyone is having an amazing week, and that you're attitudes towards others are better than mine! :-P God bless you all...



Em said...

Congratulations! That is exciting!

Holly said...

Congrats on becoming Godparents! That's great!! I hear ya on the people complaining. You really look at things differently when you have lost what matters most.

Arander said...

You're right, even today I have found myself complaining a bit about the pure nonsense my children have come up with lately... but it's really not important at all. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful instead of complaining! I love you, and I'm so happy that "A" asked you to be "T's" Godparents... I can't think of any better couple. Love you!

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