Saturday, February 6, 2010

...blessing after blessing.

The other day, I spent a lot of time thinking about all the amazing people that God has sent into our life since we lost Lilly. I can't even begin to list them all to you now...
But I did want to share a few that come to mind. =)

**I don't know if I have mentioned them in previous blogs or not, and to tell the truth...I don't even remember their names. The second day I was in the hospital, there was a middle aged couple that came to visit us. Never met them, never even heard of them. The man was a Pastor. Anyways, they came to be of some encouragement. They came in and told us their story of miscarriages and not knowing if they would ever have children or not. Then as they were telling us these things, they signaled, and their two beautiful daughters came walking into the room to meet us. One of the young girls was down syndrome. And I wish I could express to you how much that little girl meant to me.
She came over to my bed, and gave me a hug...asked my name, told me hers. And then asked if she could pray for me. Her prayer was so sweet and sincere. The little girl may have made some people feel uncomfortable, or "scare" them...but she was a blessing to my heart. After she prayed with me, she asked if she could sing me a song. I believe it was "God is so good".

**The second person, her name is Christa. She works at a christian bookstore that is near us. We went to this particular bookstore a few days after Lilly's funeral. I was in search of some devotional books that would help me through my grieving process.
We weren't having much luck, so Clif went and asked someone for some help.This is when Christa came to help us find some books to help.
She stopped us right there in the middle of our shopping,and asked if she could have our names so that she could put us on her churches prayer list. After she told us that she was sorry about what had happened, and that her heart went out to us...she asked if she could pray for us...right in public, in the middle of the bookstore.
It touched me in a way that she will never know. A complete stranger, wanting to pray for me, and taking the time to pray for me out in the open like that.
So the three of us bowed our heads, and went the His throne...right there in the store. Amazing!!
As we were checking out with the book that Christa had suggested for us, the man checking us out (his name escapes me) saw the book...and he mentioned that he and his wife lost three (?) babies before having their first living child...and that they had been through this particular devotional twice. He told us that he would be praying for us as well.
This certain bookstore isn't a locally owned store, they are actually in several states...I'm not sure how many. So that meant even have this big chain of stores, but to have such amazing individuals working there.

God has sent so many people into our path. He knew that we would need these people to carry us through, and they have.
Though the support system has died down, I know that people are still there for me. Though, sometimes...I wish they'd remind me of that...ya know? Just let me know that they are still there, tell me that it's okay to feel the feelings that I feel. Ask me questions about my baby, talk about her with me.
*sigh* Well, that's all for now...I am just so thankful for the people that God has sent our way. In person, in prayer, in thought...and even over the world wide web. God bless you all.


croleyc69 said...

Haven't know you long but it's what we do everyday for friends and family that matter. Life is so precious there are no rewinds. Prayers & {{HUGS}}

Em said...

I am so glad you have support. It is an amazing comfort to know that we are not alone. I am thankful for your strangers that brought you comfort.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

The people in our lives who do reach out to us are such a comfort. It means so much when walking through grief, especially. I'm not sure what devotional you are doing. But, I would love to invite you to participate with us in our Walking With You (online bereavement support) at my blog. We are going to be doing a weekly devotional ~ Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy beginning on February 25th. Visit the blog for more details. I would also like to send you a Dreams of You Memory Book for Lillian. If you would like one, please email me.

Continued Prayers,
Kelly Gerken
Sufficient Grace Ministries

Holly said...

How amazing that these people crossed your path when you needed them. Proof that God knows what we need!

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