Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i have....four eyes.

Yup...after 22 years of really good vision, I am going blind! Ok, well that might be a bit of exaggeration...BUT...I did go to the eye doctor last week, and he said that I'm a tiny bit near sighted. I however think I am a lot near sighted...haha...because with these glasses I can see SO much better. Things that are in the distance that are really really blurry are now sharp and I can read it!! What a nice feeling...
The doctor told me that I only had to get the glasses if I wanted them...which I did, because it really unnerves me that I can't see like I used to. Laugh if you want, but I feel old. haha...I always thought that I had really good vision, and now I have glasses. =( Well at least they are halfway cute...Clif says they make me look sophisticated, not really sure what that's supposed to mean! What did I look like before??
Anyways, had to put that out there. =) Other than that, not much is happening. Except that I woke up this morning with a pain in my left like my (sorry guys) ovary region. ??? It's not unbearable but it just hurts a little...maybe ovulation?? What's that?? Could my body be doing what it's supposed to?? Only time will tell I guess.
I hope that each and every one of you is having an amazingly blessed week. =) God bless you all.


Trennia said...

My 14 year old daughter is Suppose to wer glasses..I told her they make her look sophisticated! She was like oh, I look stuiped any other time? was like no, but she is so darn cute! She refuses to wear them still ugh...glad you enjoy yours!

Em said...

Consider yourself lucky you were able to make it 22 years without vision correction! I had to get glasses when I was 12.

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