Monday, February 8, 2010

About Desiree ~ Part 2

***I forgot to mention...I'm not a cheater. haha! "D" and I broke up, well...he broke up with me (hehe) before the Summer began. So I was single and up for grabs when VBS rolled around***

So, after VBS, and spending a week of evenings with Clif, I was completely head over heels...or at least as much as a 17 year old could be. I was told by my parents that I wouldn't date Clif. You see, when he first came on the scene he had both ears pierced, tongue pierced, tattoos...not exactly what parents of a 17 year old girl want for their daughter.
=) But after Clif got saved at a Youth meeting towards the end of that summer, things changed for the good. Clif asked my fathers permission to date me...and Dad reluctantly agreed. That was August 2005.
Clif and I dated for one year, our first date was to a hometown baseball game. On August 11th,2006...a few days after our one year anniversary, we went back to the same ball field in celebration of our one year. =) We sat in special seats that his aunt had gotten for us, and during the game...he asked me to marry him, on the score board.
So...we were engaged, and the date was set for June 2nd,2007. =) The following months were filled with all kinds of crazy excitement. Best man....Maid Of & silver, invitations...decorating, finding a place to live...saving money,ect. We couldn't wait.
And it happened...June 2nd 2007, I married my best friend in the world. We became one before and friends.
We lived in a mobile home from June until October, at that time we bought our first house! That's when life started moving fast!! I quit my job (I was working in a daycare) and did a private nanny job for about six months...and two weeks after I finished the nanny job - I was hired at the bank I now work at. Clif was working for a rental company at the was good.
In April of 2008 Clif and I decided that I would go off my birth control pills and try to add to our family :-) We tried from April til October, with no luck. Finally I decided to see a doctor about it. My problem was (sorry guys) there was no ovulation. So, Doctor G put me on Clomid. I was on the Clomid for three months before we conceived our little Bean, later to be called...Lilly Bean =)
Since conceiving our first child, we have had many ups and just as many or more downs. But God has been good to us.
Before Lilly was born still, Clif switched a much better job! And I am finally back at work, after having been out three months. I've been back about a month now, and it's been really good for me. At least I think so. I have my bad days when I just want to crawl into a hole and not come out, but for the most is good. Can't complain... I finally have a paycheck coming in again, and all is taken care of.
The only thing missing, the only thing that wasn't according to OUR plan was losing our sweet Lillian. BUT, that was part of God's plan. And we accept that as part of our life. It hurts know, but God is healing our hearts... and we are learning to live the life we have been handed.
I am trying to conceive again, and even though I'm putting it on my blog, I'm not trying to announce it to the world, but I do want my friends and loved ones to know so that they can pray!...and my body is actually being more cooperative that it has been since my pre-teen years. So we shall see... I head back to see my Doctor G in mid March to be put BACK on Clomid. Please be praying for the preperation of my body, and both mine and Clif's hearts as we embark on our journey of baby making!




Trennia said...

Awww what a sweet story!

croleyc69 said...

Praying for you so much and thanx for sharing that.

Holly said...

Thanks so much for sharing a little more about you. I really enjoyed reading it!! That's good that your body is being more cooperative!!!

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