Tuesday, January 26, 2010


=( so just a real short post. long story short... a package was dropped off at my house for one my neighbors. so i called the number that was on the box to tell her that i had it. she came down to my house a few minutes ago to pick it up.
she seemed like a really sweet lady, i liked her a lot. she kept telling me if we ever needed anything never to hesitate to call her. then she asked... i think i heard, are you expecting?? OW. i had to tell a complete stranger that we had lost our baby. i didn't go into any details...just told her that we had lost lilly. she grabbed my hand...said oh i'm sorry, anyways if you need anything...just call. *sigh* i know she meant well...but uh, ouch. it was just like that that my baby was blown off. =(


Holly said...

I'm sorry! I bet she was wasn't expecting your answer and was taken by surprise and then not sure how to react. When the situation gets uncomfortable people get out fast.

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