Monday, January 4, 2010

God had a plan, and He still does!

There were so many things that happened...that I stressed over, that I was upset about - and now, looking back...I know there was a reason for everything. It all was perfect.
First of all, Clif had worked for a rental company for years - and another job opportunity opened up. He had been in the hiring process for almost three months, and we weren't sure if he was going to get the job or not. Things finally came through and Clif started his new job in mid September. About one month before the doctor took me out of work.
Like, in mid October I went to the doctor, and Dr G told me that the next time that I saw him, that if my blood pressure wasn't down to normal he might take me out of work. So the next appointment came, and sure enough my blood pressure was through the roof! I knew what he was going to tell me before he said it. Of course, he told me no more work for the remainder of my pregnancy. Which, I didn't care in the long run... I mean, that's what was best for me and Lilly too. But I freaked out. I only had five weeks of paid time...and I had planned on staying out of work for nine I would more than likely have to go back to work before planned. We couldn't afford for me to be out of work that long unpaid.
A total "God-Thing" happened financially, and about two weeks before Lilly was born- everything was taken care of. I could stay out on bedrest, stay the nine weeks with Lilly after she was born, and we would still be ok. It was such a blessing.
During the time that I was on bedrest, Clif and I got to spend SO much time together. With his schedule, he only works twelve days a there was a ton of time for us to spend together. It was amazing. We grew even closer during those lasdt few weeks together.
Then another thing, my lifelong best friend and I hadn't spoken or seen each other in a year. God made it possible for Aleisha and I to work out our differences and begin to talk again. I saw her two days before I went into the hospital, it had been almost a year since I had seen her last. That was the same day that I got to meet her beautiful baby girl, that she had given birth to in July.
So many things that God planned out perfectly, that had to happen "just so". And they did. God gave Clif and I the finacial stability to stay out of work for the time needed, He gave Clif and I extra time together before bringing a new life into the world, that we wouldn't have had if it hadn't been for bedrest. He brought Clif and I closer together in our marriage. He healed the broken ties between my best friend and me.
He had a plan for my life, for my husbands life. And he had a plan for our beautiful baby girl. She never took a breath here on earth, but she is continually touching peoples lives all over the US and maybe even beyond. God...thank you for the blessing that You allowed Clif and I for those short ten months. Those times, we will never forget. We will never forget Lillian Joy.


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