Saturday, January 2, 2010

high blood pressure? really?

So in my eighth month of pregnancy, my blood pressure became out of control. It was through the roof, and no one knew why. By mid October I was on complete bedrest and out of work. It was the worst time ever! I hated not being able to be up and moving around. I spend most of my days on the couch with the laptop or playing cards with my parents and husband. I watched a ton of movies, and way too many shows on HGTV. ha!
Before all of that tho, I managed to finish her nursery and have two baby showers. We got more baby stuff than we had room for! It was such a blessing... we recieved everything that we needed for our precious gift! We were in need of nothing, and only waited for the arrival of our baby girl.
There are so many things, so many memories of her that I will never forget. *smile* Like, the 8 week sonogram when we first saw our "butter bean" on the monitor. When we first heard her heartbeat, how she had us wrapped around her little finger even then. Those first flutters early on at around 16 weeks, waking up to the very first "poke" at 19 weeks. Calling Clif while he was at work to tell him that I had felt the baby kick for the first time.
I'll never forget when Clif felt her kick for the first time!! All the talking and rubbing that he did, especially when Lilly Bean was hurting mommy. I miss the feeling of her doing little cartwheels in my belly, waking me up at night. Feet in my ribs...head rolling down low. Going crazy when mommy ate spicy chicken... amazing how you can have memories of someone you never really knew.
She was my blessing from God though. Throughout my pregnancy,Clif and I became much closer,all because of her. She was an amazing little girl, even though she never took one single breath here on earth...


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