Saturday, July 24, 2010

talk about random.

25 totally RaNdOm thing about Desiree...

~Desiree & Aleisha~

1) I was a few ounces shy of ten pounds when I was born.

2) I love shoes.

3) I have two siblings...brothers. They are seventeen and twelve years older than me.

4) I became an aunt the day after my 4th birthday.

5) I painted my fingernails black for the first time today.

6) One of my all time favorite movies is "Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang".

7) I am a recovering Diet Cherry Coke addict.

8) I absolutely hate doing laundry.

9) I am self conscience.

10) My favorite colors are black and pink.

11) I have never flown on a air plane :'(

12) I took piano lessons for twelve years, but haven't touched a piano (for more than a few minutes) for almost five.

13) I love chocolate...a little too much.

14) I have been caffeine free for seven months.

15) I love tattoos.

16) My favorite flower is a lily...and that was before my Lilly.

17) My best friend and I have been friends for fifteen years.

18) I always said that I wanted to marry someone from Texas, and I did.

19) I love to cook (shhh don't tell).

20) I hate drama.

21) I love to write poems, but rarely do anymore.

22) Blogging is therapy to me... no lie (and I love to do it!).

23) My hubby is my best friend.

24) I am a very jealous person.

25) I am supposed to be cleaning and packing...and I'm blogging instead.

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