Monday, July 12, 2010

Copied from #999 reasons to laugh at infertility.

#741 The Best Places to Cry about Infertility

Infertility really is fun. One moment you feel sane and happy and the next, you’re hormonal and crying in front of your 25 year old male boss.

Once you start the infertility journey, you soon discover that you will have frequent mental and emotional breakdowns. Perhaps you are the type of person who is seemingly strong and put together but enter infertility, and you become an emotional wreck and a hormonal nightmare. You are now able to tear up on cue. You see a newborn baby in a restaurant – cue the tears. You walk into the toilet like a normal person who simply needs to pee. You step out of that toilet with tears and snot running down your face and a maxi pad in hand.

So if you’re going to have a weekly (daily) emotional breakdown, why not choose some great crying locations! If Dave Letterman had a top ten reasons list of the best places to cry about infertility in public, here’s what they would be….

1.At your workplace. It’s nice to attend meetings, conference calls and client meetings with tears streaming down your face.

2.On vacation. You are enjoying a relaxing vacation with your husband and you suddenly start crying randomly after seeing a pregnant woman. Trip=ruined.

3.During your transvaginal wand fertility appointment. The great part is your RE might not even know you’re sobbing while she is busy looking in a downward direction.

4.At a baby shower. The baby shower is a fantastic place to lose it. There is so many screaming kids there, no one will even hear you have an emotional breakdown in the guest of honors bathroom.

5.In a public pool. Water and tears run down your face without notice and the chlorine will make your eyes turn red anyways.

6.In front of a maternity clothing store. People will just think you’re a hormonal pregnant woman (just without the bump).

7.In a movie theater. It’s dark and no one can see you. If you’re watching The Notebook, everyone will understand why you’re crying.

8.While driving. You are not supposed to text and drive but there’s no law that says you can’t cry about infertility and drive a car.

9.The airport. Especially if you are traveling to your fertility appointment!

10.When answering a call from a telemarketer. Click.

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