Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Mr Obama...our healthcare coverage BLOWS.

Well the nurse called me this morning amidst all the craziness at work (don't even go there) to let me know that Dr G wants me to keep the appointment with Dr S, because my progesterone levels are showing that I didn't ovulate.
*sigh* Kinda figured, but it's still a bummer. I was hoping that there was some slim chance that I did ovulate, and that I could continue to see Dr G for the next month.
Oh my gosh. When Clif and I got home from church last night, my new patient packet was in the mail box. Fun stuff. We are talking PAGES of stuff to fill out. It asks about everything. My parents, their ages... did my mom take certain medications while pregnant with me. Questions about Clif, his social, place of employment, address of number, birth day, whether or not he is the father of my first child. Oh and if he has any children by other women. I mean it's took me about 45 minutes to fill it all out.
Then is scared me. I was reading where it tells you everything that you need to bring to the office visit with you. It asked for a written copy of your insurance company's infertility coverage. Well, I don't have infertility coverage. Eek! It said that if I was self pay that the initial consultation with Dr S would be anywhere from $458-526!! Are you serious?
When "J" called me this morning I asked her if I still needed to get the benefit list from my insurance company, and she said that she had already sent the referral to Dr S's office. Since they are in the same network they can look up my file and see that my insurance has agreed to pay for five visits. So that's a little bit of a relief, but for some reason I am still worried that something is going to go wrong. :(
A friend of mine emailed me and we were talking about how there is all kind of help for people who pop out babies all the time (and half the time they don't even want the baby). But what about those of us who have insurance and WANT to have a baby...there should be some kind of financial type thing that we can sign up for! Geez...Obama really needs to get with it. I need better health care coverage!! And ya know, it's becoming more common for women to need help with getting pregnant. At least the ones that PLAN it. :) So there definitely should be something for people like me. my soap box now. It's been a stressful ever sense of the word.


croleyc69 said...

I'm praying for you and it is sad. I was looking through my husband's new plan from work and they rarely cover anything for someone that has problems getting pregnant. The only reason I was looking was because a friend of mine was talking about her insurance which doesn't cover it. It's so not right. Thinking of you.


Kristin said...

That sucks. I agree that it is so wrong that infertility is not covered by insurance (but I don't think it's EVER been covered, so not just an Obama thing). :)

Thinking of you...

Lori said...

IF coverage is ridiculous in many places, but in others, it ROCKS! For instance, in Maryland, it is covered all the way up to 3 IVF cycles if necessary! It depends on the state, which I never knew until I moved here...of course, I learned about it too late--we'd already dished out big bucks, but nice to know some states have it and others are working on it.

Glad your first few are covered. A lot of time, appointments with REs can be general in the beginning because they don't just have to be fertility consults (even though that's mostly what they end up as) so hopefully your specialist will be able to code well!!


Brittney said...

You should contact your Representative about it. I'm in southeastern Virginia (the beach), and I'm pretty sure that out where you are (not too far from where I went to college), your rep probably voted against the bill. You should call and discuss how hard it is for someone like you who depserately wants another child to pay for it with the lack of insurance. Your rep is a lot closer to you than the President! Good Luck!

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