Friday, July 9, 2010


*sigh* Okay, so I called my doctors office this morning to find out the results of my progesterone test. I talked to "S" the lab tech who took my blood. She said that my progesterone was .84 I asked if that means that I ovulated, and she was real shady about it. She said that she really wasn't sure...and asked if I had a appointment set up with Dr.G. I told her that it's next Wednesday, and she said that he would talk to me about it then. But according to her, she doesn't think I ovulated. She does blood tests for a living, how could she not know. Is she seeing something that I'm not and doesn't want to be the one to tell me?? Or is it that she really doesn't know? Geez... I hate this cycle that my life seems to be stuck in.


Megan said...

I'm so sorry Desiree! I so wish that she gave you good news! I am starting my second month of chlomid on Sunday, last month nothing happened, I am so nervous it's not going to work.

Trennia said...

That is crazy, she don't know!?
What is she getting paid for?
I am so sorry, sending you (((HUGS))) and praying too.

Anonymous said...

Honey I'm so sorry you are so stressed. I keep you in my prayers constantly. I love you! Thank you for all of the kind things you said on my blog. They made me smile! :)

That corgi :) said...

because I've worked in medical doctor offices, I know a lot of times techs, receptionists, secretaries, etc aren't allowed to give out too much info about tests as they can't really interpret it not having gone to med school, etc. They might know very well what the test result is and what it shows, but lots of times doctors will not have them explain tests or give out too many details about it. Even nurses will always defer to a doctor for advice unless doctors specifically have given them permission to give this or that info to patients. But it is frustrating I know if you want to know what the number means before your appt next week. praying for you and I hope you/Clif have a restful weekend


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