Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 1 & 2: I am SO thankful

Day 1 - I am so very thankful for the Godly husband that He has blessed me with. Clif has been such a wonderful part of my life for the last {going on} seven years. I love him so much...sometimes even I can't believe it. :) Clif has been an excellent provider for our {not so} little family, and I will forever be grateful. Not only is Clif an awesome husband AND Daddy... he is an amazing friend. The best one I've got. I can tell him anything, literally...and I know I can always do so without being judged - though he does give me feedback, most times. All this to say, I am thankful for the man that the Lord has blessed me with. I love you, Clif Smith!!

Day 2 - I am overwhelmed at how thankful I am for the children that God has blessed us with. Not only the three precious {sometimes CRAZY} babies that are here on earth with Clif and me, but for our first born daughter, Lillian Joy. I am especially thankful for Lilly, because I feel as if it wasn't for her... we wouldn't be where we are today. For as long as I can remember all I have wanted is to be a Mommy (and wife). And March 2009, that dream came to life <-- when we found out I was pregnant with Lilly. That same dream was renewed in January 2011, when we were told I was pregnant with TRIPLETS! We have been incredibly blessed... and for that, we are SO thankful :)

Now...if you all will bare with me. I really do plan to keep these posts up for 30 days :) But just remember I have three infants...and that it may be challenging at times!


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