Sunday, November 27, 2011

week of fun!

I'm pretty excited about this week. These last few days have been trying, mainly because there has been a major shortage of sleep in the Smith household. But that's okay, and this too shall pass. :)
I look forward to tomorrow and Tuesday, because Clif isn't working. YAY! He's going hunting first thing in the morning... and then when he gets back we are going to do some cleaning, and then get out the Christmas decorations! I'm really excited about getting the tree out and decorating it... I'm sure the babies will love to look at it. I was already excited and then remembered that I bought new decorations the year before last, black, silver and hot pink! Ha :) I don't know if I'll be adding the pink this year or not, but I am excited about getting our home ready for Christmas either way. I'll be sure and add pictures!
Wednesday and Thursday will be spent getting everything in order...and...packing! Yep... we are going to Tennessee for the weekend. Ah, a much needed getaway! I wasn't sure about taking the kids on such a long road trip - or really, just about taking them out of town. But we asked Dr.C when we took the kids in for their Synagis shots, and he said that he thought it would be okay as long as we kept them out of crowded places, and stayed in a cabin opposed to a hotel. :) I'm really really excited about getting away for the weekend. :) At least if we are out of town, I can fuss at people that won't leave my kids alone and not feel bad about it. haha!
Christmas is near, and I'm really looking forward to it!! Not for the lights, not for the gifts, but just for the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place!!!


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