Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: I am SO thankful

Today I reflect on how truly thankful I am that God allowed me to experience pregnancy. :) Of a singleton AND a triple pregnancy!
Both were so very unique in their own ways, and I wouldn't change either experience if I could.
It might have been uncomfortable...painful, and even miserable at times...BUT...I enjoyed ever second of both.
Many women can say that they have experienced pregnancy... but not too many (what? 1 in 8,000?) experience a triplet pregnancy! :) I have to say, I feel pretty special that He gave me the chance to experience it. And what an experience it was.
So...not only am I thankful for my four beautiful children, I am thankful that He allowed me to experience something I have dreamt of for a long time: pregnancy!


Trennia said...

Beautiful post.

Caroline said...

Awesome & so so beautiful times 3

Tam said...

I cannot believe how much Easton looks like Lilly in their photos!! Just beautiful. Gorgeous babies, all four of them. What a lucky Mummy and Daddy.

Tam from Australia.

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