Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15: I am SO thankful

Today, as crazy as it may seem, I am thankful for microwaves. :) Ours died yesterday... well, I might have killed it.
I was warming a cup of water, and it might have spilled and shorted the microwave out. Not only did I mess up the microwave, but apparently spilling that water caused the electric/power not to work on that side of the kitchen. Appliances on that side of the kitchen include: Toaster, coffee pot, REFRIGERATOR, microwave and deep freezer :) And I had just mixed up a days worth of formula...so you can imagine how upset I was that our fridge wasn't working!!
Oh well, as silly as it sounds - I am thankful for microwaves. You don't realize how important they are until you don't have one!!


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