Monday, November 21, 2011

where did YOU conceive?

Okay... I'm not really asking you that. Just trying to make a point.

Triplets are cool. And I realize... it's not every day that you see a set of triplets. BUT... don't be so dang nosey people!

Where is all of this coming from? We were out eating with family & friends yesterday when this couple (and their teenage son) walk by. They see the babies...which we had hid in the corner, and exclaimed... "TRIPLETS?" Us: "yep"...them: "Oh! You're so blessed...blah blah blah...did you use fertility treatments?"

Why why why does it matter if my children were conceived by the use of fertility drugs? They are three beautiful, living breathing HEALTHY babies. And really... if you think about how personal INFERTILITY is, well... you wouldn't ask such crazy questions! Not only that... but when I said, "yes...but very little drugs" the lady looked at her TEENAGE son and was like, "oh, well our son was a "test tube" baby!" REALLY? Oh my gosh... I would never say that period, but about my son? My teenage son? While he is standing right beside me? Whew.

I'm sorry... but infertility and the use of fertility medications/procedures is a very personal thing that you DON'T ask complete strangers about. Like I said, I know that triplets is not an every day thing... and I will even go as far as saying that I understand that THAT question pops in your head. But you definitely do not ask it. might be reading this and be like, "Desiree! You shared every little detail about your infertility journey on the internet!" Yeah, well... I know. Ha! And I know it seems silly. I control what goes on this blog, and if I feel like sharing it I do. :)

I'm still baffled at how complete strangers will ask you such personal questions! Geez...

So my friend and I decided that when people ask me that, I should start saying "Yes. Yes I did use fertility drugs. And where was your child conceived? My three were in Dr.S' office on December 23rd,2010." :) :) :)


Emily.Duncan said...

How fun! December 23rd is my birthday! That year was my 16th!! LOVE your blog!

Ausmerican Housewife said...

On my birthday too Desiree! Dec 23 is a good day. ;)

Jamie Wilson said...

haha I can understand what you're saying about everyone asking you about fertility drugs, but I think if I was in the situation of the annoying person asking the questions to the multiples mommy, I would just be curious if they had triplets naturally or if fertility drugs were used because that would be insane if someone conceived triplets without the use of fertility drugs...but look at it this way, people will always ask stupid questions about your children no matter how many you have hahaha

Emily said...

We are asked that constantly by strangers when they see our twins. Like you said, it is amazing how complete strangers think it is ok to ask those kinds of questions. I also had one wacko ask me if I was going to have them vaginally or by c/s. I was floored!

Hannah Rose said...

It is annoying that people are so blunt in their questions! But HA! I love your response to gotta let us know how it goes

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