Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12: I am SO thankful

Today I am thankful for Doctor's. You don't hear me say that very often. I've never really "liked" doctors. Actually... it's not that I dislike doctors, I just hate going to them. The whole "white coat syndrome" thing, I guess.
First on my list, I will forever be thankful for Dr.G. He has been one of the wonderful things about my pregnancies! He has done nothing but make the best choices possible for me, and for the welfare of my babies. All four of them.
I'll never forget his reaction when we lost Lilly. I'll never forget the compassion that he showed towards us. The support.
And then the way he cared for me during my triplet pregnancy! He was a-mazing! He promised me when we lost Lilly, that if  I were to get pregnant again... that he would do things a lot different. And he did (it might have had to do with the fact that there were THREE babies...ha!). Wonderful wonderful wonderful doctor. :) And so much more. That man has always gone above and beyond that which a doctor should. I will forever be thankful for him.
Next, Dr.S... and joining us on our road of infertility. I'm thankful for him as a doctor, and for the knowledge he has on PCOS. I'm thankful that he didn't give up, and that he decided to let me try that one last round of clomid before the shots! :) What a wonderful doctor, doing wonderful things for women like me!
Dr.D & D :) Remember... there are two! They both were wonderful! I am so thankful for female Dr.D, and how she sent me to the hospital the afternoon of 7/15. And I'm also thankful for how closely they watched my babies and me!
Dr.C, the babies pediatrician. He is a excellent doctor! Definitely couldn't have asked for a better doctor than him. We LOVE him. Just the other day - when we went to get the synagis shots, we weren't even scheduled to see the doctor, but when he saw us walk by...he followed us just to see the babies and see how they are doing! :)
Last but not least, Dr.P & S from the NICU. Dr.P met with us the afternoon the babies were born, before my c-section. He most definitely did NOT sugar coat anything. In fact, he had me terrified... yet, I was still calm. He was by far the most blunt doctor (even more so than female Dr.D!) I have ever met. He's also the doctor that told us the week Easton was discharged, that if our babies were in the Olympics... they would be preemie gold medalists! Both of these doctors were wonderful! :)


TanaLee Davis said...

I can relate to the white coat BP spikes every time. lol
I can also relate to loving the doctors that both support you and your babies....some people just get in the right field for work and when that happens I love it. hugs-
I've missed your blog among others.

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