Monday, May 3, 2010

a long night...but I am thankful!

I am so thankful that God has matured me to the point where I can just keep my mouth shut for once. :) At least this time, anyways.
I had a rough night last night, and got into bed entirely too late. Talked to a friend on facebook for a while, and it wasn't a good time.
Please pray for me concerning this situation, that God may give me peace. And that he might continue to keep my mouth clamped shut so that I do not speak hurtful words, and also so I don't go around talking about this person.
Oh, and pray that God will continue to give me an "adult" outlook on the situation...and not a childish one. I'm done being "kids"with people. This is the life that I lead, and I am all grown up. And I choosing to act like it :)
I appreciate all prayers concerning this, and I'm sorry I can't give more detail... but I just don't feel like it would be right to talk about it. I know that God will work these things out in HIS time...and HIS time is always perfect.
Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday! :) And if you think about it, say a prayer for Trennia and her family as they face Emily's 2nd Heavenly Birthday today.
God bless!


Holly said...

I pray that God gives you restraint when you really want to speak something that might not be constructive. It can be difficult at times!

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