Thursday, May 20, 2010

accomplishment :)

Not tooting my own horn here at all, but I had to share this...just because it made me smile SO much.

Today hasn't been a horrible day, not even really a bad day. I guess it's been an "OK" day. Whatever. :)

There is this older guy that comes into the bank every Thursday to cash his pay check. He must be a construction worker because he's always dirty. He wears a doorag, and has tattoos on his fingers.

Even though he is older, I can't help but view him as child like. He is SUPER shy. And from what I can tell, doesn't have much of an education.

He always comes to my window. I always greet him, and ask him how he is doing. Every single time I have waited on him, when I ask "How are ya?" he has ALWAYS replied with, "uh huh". I ask him if he wants particular denominations...he shakes his head. I thank him, and he either says "uh huh" or "thanks".

Well, today he walks in. I smile, say "Hello, can I help you?". He walked up to my window just like any other Thursday. I asked him the usual, "How are ya?"...he SMILED, said that he was tired, and asked me how I was doing. When I told him that I sympathized with him about being tired, he went on to tell me that I got to sit in a chair all day while he has to run up and down steps. THEN he tells me that he had a heart attack a while back... a 98% blockage, and that it really scared him. AND that the doctor keeps telling him to slow down or he will have another.

All this came from a guy that never says more that "uh huh" and "thank you"...and he was talking my ear off. :) Made me grin, and feel like I had accomplished something. He was brought out of his shell, and it made me happy!!!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Thursday!!!


Holly said...

That's great he opened up and talked to you! A great step forward!! I'm sure he appreciates your smile when he comes in and your kindness.

JenJen said...

Maybe, your interaction with him today will make him be more cordial to others, also! You never know how your kindness will affect people in the minutes or days after something makes them open up :)

JenJen said...

Oh, I wanted to add that if I had survived a heartattack I would be even more of a be given a second chance at life should teach you to enjoy everything and everybody :) That's just me though!

Lori said...

Compassion (and persistence!) like yours makes the world go 'round! xoxo

That corgi :) said...

that is neat; what a great story to share! I think there must have been something in your manner with treating other clients that made him want to come to your window week after week after week. What a great testimony! I know one time we were eating at a restaurant and the waitress had a really bad attitude that night; she was not rude but so very close to it. We had ordered coffee at the end of our meal and when our bill came the coffee wasn't listed on it so hubby called her attention to it and she added it back on. The next time we were in that restaurant, lo and behold we got that waitress. I was "dreading" it but she walked over to our table with a big smile and when she introduced herself as our waitress, I made a comment "oh, you took care of us before" and she said "yes, and I forgot to charge you for coffee, but you reminded me to put it on the bill" and that night we got superb service. So you just never know the impact you make with shining the light of Jesus to others :)


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