Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doctor calling...

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when my phone rang, and it was Dr.G. I'm telling you...he has well exceeded my expectations with this pregnancy. Most doctors have their nurses call to talk to the patients, but he has been calling me to discuss everything. :) It makes me feel really good.
Funny thing... he called today, and I have an appointment with him at 9:30 tomorrow morning.
ANYWAY... he met with Dr.D (the lady I saw on Tuesday) this morning to talk about my appointment. She expressed her concerns about my pregnancy with Lilly, and all the complications that could occur with a triplet pregnancy. They have decided/agreed that I should not go past 34 weeks.
The lady at Dr.G's office that does all the scheduling is retiring, and her last day is today! SO...Dr.G called to let me know that he was going to go ahead and have her schedule my c-section for August 3rd. :) We should find out more about that tomorrow.
We discussed what Dr.D had to say with the placental issues with Lilly's pregnancy, and he said that that's why they are wanting to deliver by 34 weeks. The longer I go, the older my placentas get... and with that brings more risk for complications. AHHH!!! If nothing happens, my babies will be here in less than 5 weeks.
Of course, he said that it is very possible I won't make it to my scheduled delivery. I could go into labor on my own (I'm really praying that this does not happen), the babies growth could become an issue...OR he said that it could be something as simple as my health... my breathing or blood pressure could become an issue and they would deliver early.
*sigh* I can't believe that it's so close...and this part of the journey is coming to a fast close!
At my appointment tomorrow, I will be picking up a jug (I told him that it had better be a BIG jug) for my 24 hour urine collection. Fun stuff. He said that I'll probably collect on Sunday and then drop it off in the lab on Monday as well as have my blood drawn.
Apparently the urine collection is to do with kidney function. They want to have a base line to go by.
I also asked him about my biggest concern from the appointment with Dr.D. My blood pressure and the labatelol. He said that we could discuss it further tomorrow, but that we might take me off of the medication. I'm not really sure how I feel about that. He asked if I wanted to stop taking it... and I told him not really. I mean, not only is it helping my blood pressure... but it's also helping with my {ever growing} anxiety. I can definitely see me needing it in the next few weeks. He did say that it's a very low dose, and he thought that it'd be fine. He also told me that he was very impressed with how well my blood pressure has been this pregnancy, and that he honestly thought that we would have upped my dose several times by this point. :) So that made me feel good better.
I really feel that I will go before August 3rd, but I'm praying that God will keep these three little one's in my belly as long as He sees fit. We are trusting Him with our three babies, and we know that His plan is always the best.
As long as they are growing, and my fluid levels are good... I'd rather them stay in for the long haul (even though I am chomping at the bit to have them here with us). I'm praying praying praying that the boys make it to 4 pounds, and that Little Miss Dainty Elliana will make it to 3-3 1/2. She's smaller than her brothers already, which most of who I have talked to say that's normal... because she is the girl. :)
Time is flying...yet I feel like it's sitting still. HA! The bed rest has really slowed things down, BUT... having all these doctor's appointments has helped speed things up. If that makes sense. I'm hoping that Dr.G will continue to see me once a week (even if I am going to the specialist 1-2 times a week) - just because talking to him seems to calm me.
I cannot get over how very blessed that we have been this whole pregnancy. Not only have I been blessed with a relatively easy, complication-free pregnancy... and not only for good reports at all most of our appointments, but that we have been blessed with such amazing doctor's. Not to mention how much they seem to genuinely care about me and the well being of our babies!!!
Well, that's all for now... I'll update tomorrow if there is anything new after my appointment with Dr.G :) Well...okay, I probably will update because I should have a tentative birthday for our TRIPLETS! AHHHHHH! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

*almost* 29 week specialist appointment

Well, today was our second appointment at the Prenatal Diagnostic Center. Last week we met with Dr.D (a man), but he was out this week so we met his partner, also Dr.D (but female).
The doctor that we met today is actually the doctor that Dr.G was talking to about me in the first place. I've heard mixed things about her ,so I wasn't exactly looking forward to our appointment with her. BUT... I actually liked her. Well, I'll say that I didn't dislike her. She's from somewhere north (no offense to my northern friends out there!!)... so her personality was a little different than ours, and she was very straight forward/ blunt. But all in all, we liked her.
I did feel like she was attacking me when she came into the room though - but I quickly got over it. She introduced herself as she came into the room, and then started in on me. "So, I heard that with your first pregnancy the baby died before it was born... pretty close to full term". I explained that SHE was actually PAST full term, and yes that she was still born. She asked how much Lilly weighed (she didn't ask if "the baby" was male or female, or anything personal...which was kinda cold... but I guess some people are just like that). We told her that she weighed 5lb9 1/2oz, and she asked if we had ever been told that "the baby's" birth weight was low. Well, no actually. I've talked with my doctor (Dr.G)...the one that DELIVERED Lilly, and he never really mentioned anything negative about it. I saw an RE for almost five months, the one the helped me GET PREGNANT this time... and he never mentioned it. I even met with her partner, the old man Dr.D last week....and he didn't have anything to say about it. Even the genetic counselor said that she was a "dainty" baby. But no, to answer her question... nobody has ever really addressed Lillian's birth weight with us. She said that after reviewing all the reports from my delivery that she thinks that the reason Lilly was so tiny, was because there were placental problems. I told her that I had problems with blood pressure during the last pregnancy...and that I was experiencing the same problems with this pregnancy. Difference being, I'm on medication. She was puzzled that I'm on bed rest, but still on blood pressure medication. So she will be discussing this with Dr.G.
Because of her thinking that I had placental issues with my pregnancy with Lilly... she is calling Dr.G and telling him that she wants a 24 hour urine collection done on me, to check for preeclampsia . Even though my urine has tested negative every single time. But I'm okay with that. I really don't feel that I have it, mainly because if I had it with Lilly, and that was part of my problems...she had a low birth weight. We know that. BUT, the thing is... Dr.D told us last week that "triplets shouldn't be this big at 28 weeks". And even Dr.D (the woman...this could get confusing) told us today that their growth is appropriate for a day shy of 29 weeks.
She told me that instead of every three weeks for growth scans, that she was changing that to every two weeks. So I will have an ultrasound EVERY week to check movement & fluids... and then growth every other week. Once I hit 30 weeks, I will more than likely be going to the PDC twice a week for ultrasounds, just to keep an eye on their fluids and such. Dr.D told us that most triplets are born between 30-32 weeks. She also said that I've made it to 29 weeks, that anything after that is "pretty much icing on the cake". :) That made me feel good. We are past the "scary" part. Ha! I don't know about that.... but yeah.
Basically she is saying that if they can get me to 32 weeks...GREAT. I really don't think that with my past she thinks that I will make it past 32 weeks.
Even though she is a very to the point doctor, it made me feel good that she is really looking at the whole situation. She definitely doesn't want to see anything happen to these babies...and I truly believe that she is going to do everything within her power to make sure that they get here as safetly as possible.
So, the only thing that really concerned me about our meeting with her was that she was surprised about the bp meds & bed rest. I'll be talking to Dr.G about this on Friday.
Also, I asked her about the spots on my legs and she said that it was definitely hormones. :)
As for the ultrasound, it went really good :) As always (at least up to this point). Our parents, my mom & dad and Clif's mom were able to go with us today too! So that was nice that they were able to experience that with us. Eli got a score of 8 for movement, fluids & breathing. Easton & Elliana got 6's because they were being lazy and not showing us how they breathe. We did see Easton "breathe" for a few seconds, but she said that it has to be for 30 seconds to count as a score. BUT, they normally don't look for this until 30-32 weeks. Dr.D told us that it's completely normal to not see it at this point, so that made me feel good.
Our biggest news of the day is: though she didn't do any measuring today... as far as the ultrasound tech could tell...Eli's kidney is...NORMAL! She scared us at first, asking that if when T did the ultrasound on Friday if she looked at the kidney. I was like, no... why? Has it gotten larger? She explained that from what she can tell that both of his kidneys are the same size now, that the left one had gone back to normal size. They say that it's corrected itself. I say that God corrected it. And though it was never a really "big" issue, we are still praising God for this news!!
As for positions...Eli (believe it or not) has flipped from Friday. He and Elliana were head to head at the bottom of my belly. Eli has now turned completely around, and his head is in the opposite side of my belly. And he's still a little breech baby. Easton has moved, again. His head is now under my ribs on the right side with his feet down, kicking his brother & sister in their faces. Elliana is still where T left her on Friday, head down and feet/butt up. :) Our kids are so crazy...and it never ceases to amaze me how they can move in such a tiny little space.
They told me that I should start paying attention to movement (ummm as if I haven't already!), and that if anything changes from my "normal" to call Dr.G and let him know.
Whew...that was a LOT packed into a short appointment. Our next appointment with Dr.G is Friday morning, and then we go back to the PDC next Thursday, the 7th at 1pm.
We still didn't get any pictures I am asking Dr.G on Friday if it is too late to do a 4D scan. :) I'd really like to see if we can see what our little babies faces look like!
I can't believe how we can be SO in love with these three little people that live in my belly!! And they won't be living there much longer!! After talking to Dr.D today, I really believe that they will be here in 1-3 weeks. So exciting, yet VERY scary :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

28 week picture :)

Clif was very proud of himself for taking this picture :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

28 weeks

A little late on this weeks update :) Today marks 28 weeks 3 days... getting closer to seeing my Three Little Loves' every day!
Yesterday was our doctors appointment with Dr.G - just an office visit. The morning actually started off with a bit of a scare...I had to eat breakfast quickly, because we had an early appointment. After eating, I got a painful cramp across the top of my stomach. I ignored it at first, but when it came back twice after the first time... I started to get worried. The "cramp" was lasting 20-30 seconds, and I had three episodes within 25 minutes. And then it stopped. Weird. For a minute, Clif thought that we were going to the hospital...ha! I was really thankful that we were headed out to the doctor's... because I would have been worried about it all day.
So we get to Dr.G's office, and I go to check in. The receptionist asks if I would be willing to see the nurse practitioner, T. I assumed that Dr.G must be on call, or out sick - so I agreed. Of course :) That means that even though I wasn't supposed to get an ultrasound, I was getting one!!! Yay!
I was called back to get started with my blood pressure,urine sample, and weight. My blood pressure was elevated...imagine that. If I had seen Dr.G and his nurse, they would have said that it's because I didn't get an ultrasound. :) The top number was actually 12 points lower than last week, but the bottom number was up by 2. T's nurse had me lay on my left side for literally 45 seconds, and it went down immediately. Also, my meds had barely had time to kick in - it had only been an hour since I took them. ANYWAY, they weren't super worried about it...and it's pretty normal for me. Urine came back negative for everything, thank God! That specialist, Dr.D got me all worried saying that triplets increased my risk for preeclampsia . Weight? I only gained 18 ounces in seven days. I was pretty happy with that... it puts me up to 46 pounds weight gain.
T came in, propped the table up for me...and started the ultrasound :) We were able to see our precious little ones, and learned that Little Miss Elliana has flipped since Friday. On Friday, she was head under my ribs, and breached. Yesterday, she was head down and feet up. Too funny. Eli is still in the same position, and so is Easton... believe it or not. Though, I'm not getting used to this...because it will probably be completely changed by time for our ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon.
T is pretty awesome, and always makes me feel great. When she started looking around at the babies she was going on and on about how good the fluid looks :) I couldn't help but grin...because I've been drinking anywhere from 14-16 eight ounce glasses of water every single day. She assured us that all the babies looked great. Since she has an old school machine, we had to use the doppler to pick up the heart beats...which wasn't a problem at all. She got them first off! I never get sick of hearing my babies little hearts beat away. A reassurance that every Mama should get twice a week!
I asked T about my legs, and the spots that have been there since like 14-16 weeks. I told her that the genetic counselor saw them and flipped....went and talked to the doctor, came back and told me because of my previous pregnancy/fetal demise that I should be tested for blood clotting disorders and LUPUS. T went off, saying that she appreciated what those people do... but for the most part they just freak patients out for no reason. She took a look at my legs, and said that it's definitely NOT a lupus rash... and has nothing to do with vascular. She said that it's more than likely due to skin changes in pregnancy, and weight gain. :) She was so mad that the genetic counselor had come up with Lupus. The thing is, it's not a rash... it's like circulation issues. But whatever.
We also asked about the cramps that I had experienced that morning. I told her that I really felt like they were NOT contractions, because it was only in one spot of my stomach...not all over. She said that it sounded like I ate to fast, and was probably my gallbladder giving me a fit.
:) T went on and on about how she couldn't believe that I am doing SO well at 28 weeks with triplets. AND that I should be proud, that 28 weeks was an accomplishment. *sigh* I love good doctor's appointments. And so far, since being pregnant with these three babies... there have only been two negative things during doctor's appointments.
#1 being at six weeks when Dr.S tried to get me hooked up with Dr.Christmas for fetus reduction, and then #2 at 24 weeks (?) when we were told about Eli's kidney. Other than that, we have received nothing but good news.
T says that though if the triplets were born this week, they would be in NICU for quite some time... that after looking at them, there was no doubt in her mind that they would live. She also said that it varies with each baby and mother.... that some babies might do really good at 30 weeks, and other babies still go to the NICU at 36 weeks. We are praying that our babies don't have to stay there long, but only time will tell.
One more thing, and I will be done. T asked me what I thought about the prenatal center, and I told her that I really enjoyed the ultrasound and Dr.D, but that I didn't care for the genetic counselor. I told her that we were seeing the OTHER Dr.D (the one that Dr.Garcia referred me to, to begin with) on Tuesday. All she said was, "oh". I told her that I had heard Dr.D didn't really have much of a personality, and she said that she was a good doctor, but that she really didn't care for her. Apparently, she is a doom and gloom kind of doctor...always wanting to tell you the worst case in EVERYTHING. Great...definitely NOT something that I need. :) But that's okay... I've been warned. And I don't think that we have to see the genetic counselor again this that's a plus.
Well...that's my update for now... I'll try and add a picture sometime later. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

re:to michelle

:) To answer your question about the registry, when you add item to your cart - it will allow you to choose my shipping address. It has the actual address hidden, but it will allow it to be sent to me.
You are too kind!

Monday, June 20, 2011

God is good!

Today was our appointment with the specialist, at the Prenatal Diagnostic Center... and I am exhausted! Whew. We were told to get there around 12:45 to fill out paperwork, so we go there at 12:30 :) I thought it would be paperwork like I had to fill out when I went to our RE, Dr.S. So not like that at all... I had it finished within 10 minutes.
Our appointment for the ultrasound was at 1pm...we didn't get called back until 1:15ish. I really liked our ultrasound tech, but don't know her name. I thought it was strange that she didn't introduce herself. ANYWAY... I told her about my passing out issues, and she was able to leave me in a sitting that was helpful :)
I have absolutely NO complaints about our ultrasound today...everything went perfectly. I did get a little hot and lightheaded at one point, BUT... after sitting up for a minute or two, we were back to scanning the babies!
Believe it or not... all three babies have turned since Friday. THREE days, and they have completely switched it up in there! Craziness. Eli & Elliana are both breached...
butt's down. :) Elliana is now head up, butt down...and feet to the side...with her face down (Friday, she was head down, feet up... and laying on her back). Eli is face UP, whereas on Friday he was face down. Easton's head (that WAS in my side) is now right under my belly button, and his feet are almost to my back. QUITE interesting... I couldn't help but laugh.
PRAISE is, Eli's kidney is still measuring 6mm...which is what it's been for the past month+. Dr.D (not the Dr.D that I thought we were going to see, we will see her next week) said that it's considered "normal" up to 5mm, but once I hit 30 weeks 7mm is considered they aren't really concerned about it. He reassured me that it's very common in little boys...saying that boys don't like to pee as much as girls do! :)
So far in this pregnancy, we have been told that fluids are "good", or "normal"... well, today...we were told that fluid levels are "great". That made my day. I asked the girl if me drinking a lot of water would effect that, and she said absolutely! I then told her that I have been drinking close to thirteen 8oz glasses of water per day. Not including milk and anything else that I might drink. Praise the Lord for GREAT fluid levels.
Baby boys are measuring a 29+weeks, due to their legs. Apparently they are going to be tall! Little Elliana is measuring 28w5d I think? It's hard to remember all the numbers, but they said that their growth (and comparison to one another) is wonderful and completely normal. Another huge relief.
Weight. Apparently Mommy isn't the only one that's been gaining a lot of weight. Eli weighs in at 2lb8oz, Easton is 2lb11oz, and Elliana is 2lb4oz (our little dainty girl!).
When meeting with Dr.D, he told us that it's a good thing... but triplet's shouldn't be this big at *not even* 28 weeks!! They totally exceeded the doctor's expectations... and they were genuinely impressed! Another HUGE praise. Chunky Monkey Easton is pushing THREE POUNDS!
OH! The ultrasound tech told us that they generally don't even observe the "practice breathing" of the babies until 30 weeks. We are not 100% sure of Easton & Elliana... but Eli is definitely practicing away :)
Dr.D said that if I make it to 34 weeks and go into labor on my own, they won't try to stop labor. If I were to go into labor before then, they more than likely would try to stop it. We also discussed the steroids before week 34...he said that if it looked like I was going to deliver early, they probably would try to give them to me.
I really liked the doctor, had a good sense of humor...and was very blunt and to the point which I liked. We talked about Eli's kidney, and he mentioned the amniocentesis  testing that they could do... but said that there is risk of preterm labor, especially with triplets. Of course, this wasn't an option I promptly told him that I was not interested. He acted like he didn't like offering it anyway, but he said that he has to let people know their options. According to him, everything looked great when it comes to Eli, other than his little kidney. He said that in very rare cases it could mean downs syndrome. Still didn't convince us to have testing.
Appointment with Dr.D was awesome...I really enjoyed it, and left feeling great. We talked with both the ultrasound tech AND the doctor about Lilly, and things that happened. Both of them openly asked questions, which made me smile. They wanted to know what happened...was it a girl or boy, what was her name...ect ect.
NEXT was the not so fun part. Genetic counselor. :( SOOOOO was not happy about that. No one told me anything about having to meet with one. Dr.J was nice enough, but I didn't want to be there... and quite honestly, I didn't want to hear what she had to say. Mainly because of Lilly being still born. Seriously, you probably can see my eye roll from here. She asked us a million and one questions about myself and Clif, then questions about Lilly and what happened with all of that. THEN she did a "family history", starting with Clif & me...then our parents, our siblings, their children (which when I told her I had two older brothers and they each had two kids she was like, your older brother had one girl and one boy, right? Uhhh... I didn't say that... but yes, actually he does). Then she wanted to know about my parents siblings and their children. Really? She had this paper that she was drawing all kinds of lines, circles, squares, and triangles representing my family members. WEIRD. I didn't like it. Then of course, because of my last pregnancy resulting in "fetal demise" they thought it was best that I be tested for all kind of genetic things like blood clots, and LUPUS? Where did that come from. She saw my legs (that a re kind of splotchy, but I am almost positive it's my circulation because of gaining so much weight + not walking around), and made a big deal about that. Okay...well Dr.G looks at my legs and ankles every visit, and nothing has been said. I'll be asking him about that on Friday. She also told us that we might want to think about having the testing done for Eli's kindey... OH, and because Clif's dad died due to a blood clot (dislodged and went to his heart), they think that Clif needs to undergo testing to see if it's genetic. Though, I think that he should for HIS sake...but still. I just didn't like the whole experience. It's like they take your balloon and POP it. Oh well. :)
All in all, it was a great visit...and Clif and I left feeling even better than we already were. We had been so blessed throughout this pregnancy...and we continue to be blessed. :) Thanks for all the prayers going up for our little ones. They are SOOOO appreciated.
God Bless!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Baby Registry (for Michelle)

Michelle commented on my last post, asking for links to my registries :) They are below.

Target Baby Registry

Walmart Registry

Thanks for asking, Michelle! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

To the Daddy of my FOUR children...

Media Image

Dear Clif,
 Happy 3rd Father's Day to you, my love. I know that along with day comes many emotions... and I hope that it finds you in a better place than it did in 2010.
 Even though you haven't yet had the chance to father our children here on earth...
you are the best daddy EVER, in my eyes at least.
 Thank you for making the choice four years ago to become the Father of my children,
all four of them :)
 I know that tomorrow will be happy, and tomorrow will be sad... but I hope that you
are able to enjoy your day. A day celebrating being Daddy to our beautiful little angel, Lillian Joy...and our three precious pea's that still reside in my tummy!
 I love you with all of my heart... and wish you all the happiness in the world tomorrow,
and forever. Happy Father's Day, Babe! So glad that God chose you to be the one to make babies with me!!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

I will not faint :)

Whew! What a day :) Not complaining, it's just been a challenging one...physically!

First off, last night was MUCH better than the night before. I actually was able to go right to sleep when we went to bed, and actually stayed that way for probably three hours or so! Then it went back to being restless, was improvement. MIGHT have had something to do with the Tylenol I decided to take before I went to bed?

Seven thirty came early this morning... but I knew that I had to get up and get moving so I wasn't late for my doctor's appointment. Clif was sweet...while I was taking a shower and getting ready (which takes a lot longer than it did a few months ago), he scrambled me eggs and made toast!! The babies were very happy about this, or at least...I think they were because they were bouncing all over on the way to the doctor's office.

We arrived right on time...though, of course it's Friday...and we didn't get called back on time. We were scheduled for a quick ultrasound...just so they could check fluid levels and heart rates, which generally only takes about fifteen minutes. After we looked around and found out that Easton has flipped once again (yes, completely...his head is in my side again), she started listening to heart rates. Two of the babies were in the 160s and the other 140s...which she said all were completely normal. About half way through listening to the heart rates I started to feel light headed...and became extremely hot. I brushed it off, telling myself that it would only be a few more minutes and  it would be over. After a few seconds I decided that there was no more waiting...and quickly told Miss V that I had to sit up or I was going to pass out.

Never in my twenty three years have I ever fainted. Passed out. Whatever you want to call it. But I almost did today. Laying on my back, the room started to spin, and when I started seeing spots... I knew it was time to speak up. Then when I sat up, I felt like I was going to throw up. :) What an experience! I always wondered why V asked me constantly, "are you okay sweetie? You let me know if you need to sit up". Now I know...and I don't ever want to experience that again. Apparently it happens quite often? She said it's all the extra weight from my belly pressing down on my lungs and such, plus I'm not getting good blood flow to the brain. Hence the light headiness. Bleh. From now on, if she has to check heart beats anymore... it will be from my side! Needless to say, our two hour ultrasound should be eventful on Monday. I'll let them know what happened, and hopefully they can either do most of what they need with me laying on my side - or maybe even sit me up.

Anyway...moving on! Heart beats, as I said, are considered normal... and their fluids look good according to V. So that was a blessing and answer to prayer :) Of course, after that little episode... my blood pressure was up. It was borderline but definitely not "horrible". The whole passing out thing really freaked me out, good! We also stopped and talked to my nurse, J, for a while... Clif asked her about the specialist and why we were being sent there.

She reassured me that there is nothing "wrong" that they can tell...that Dr.Garcia just really wants to take every extra precaution possible with me. Especially with my blood pressure, and past pregnancy history, and "fetal demise" so late in pregnancy. I hate that phrase. :( So that made us both feel a lot better.

The appointment with Dr.F was actually good. He's definitely not my favorite doctor. I saw him once during my pregnancy with Lilly, and he seemed to have about as much personality as...Clif's big toe nail (I would say mine, but it does actually have some personality right's painted a deep blue and has a pretty little design...HA!) However, this visit was quite the opposite. He came in, and introduced himself to Clif. He asked me if we had met before, and I told him that I had seen him one time during my previous pregnancy. Thank God Dr.F had done his homework, because he knew all about Lilly...and was actually rather nice about the whole situation. He told me that normally a situation like that is a freak thing, and more than likely had something to do with the cord. I told him Dr.G's theory about the fluids getting low and her rolling over on the cord and going to sleep.

Oh, and he pretty much called me a freak. Ok, maybe he didn't call me a freak. But it was still funny. He asked if I had artificial insemination...and I told him that I took Clomid and had an IUI. :) I seriously with that I could have taken a picture of his face. He thought we had gone through IVF. He looked at me and was like, "seriously? Clomid doesn't normally produce triplets...and you just had an IUI? Weird!" I told him that was Dr.Slackman's reaction as well...considering he had never seen triplets come from Clomid either. Then Dr.F told me that me getting pregnant with triplets off of Clomid was a freak accident. Ummm...pretty sure that nothing to do with my babies were accident. :) I prefer "miracle"... but whatever.

He was pretty excited that I'm going to the prenatal diagnostic center... and told me that each baby will get a "score card". Not only will they keep up with fluids and growth, but they will also monitor each babies "breathing", movement...blood flow, ect. So that was pretty exciting to hear!

:) He didn't even bother measuring me... he said that I looked great to be carrying triplets, especially for twenty seven weeks along! "No need to place my hands on your belly, or push around on it", he said.

All in all...a really good visit, once again. Praise the Lord.

Oh, weight gain. Yeah... I accidentally on purpose almost "forgot" to mention that part. >.< six pounds. Can you believe that? In ONE WEEK! Clif was really excited about it. I was excited that I gained more than a pound and a half in a week... but geez. Definitely cannot keep that up! So we are up to twenty seven weeks, and a whopping forty five pounds. :) Grow little babies grow!!

Thank all of you for your continued prayers for me, Eli, Easton and Elliana. :) If you think about it, say a quick prayer for us concerning our appointment on Monday with Dr.D (and pray that I don't pass out on the table!!!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I could stay awake...

:) I think that God is preparing me for the sleepless months ahead of me. And poor Clif is getting a little taste too!!
I feel so bad... I know that last night I was moaning in my sleep. Every time I moved, my whole body would ache. My back and my upper legs, mostly. For the life of me, I COULD NOT find a comfortable position! Every way I moved, I was just that much more uncomfortable. AND when I would get close to falling asleep...the babies would start bouncing, keeping me awake.
I am really really trying not to complain too much...after all, we are only at three weeks of bed rest. Not even quite three weeks yet, not until Saturday! It's just starting to get rough. Honestly, I think it's probably because I lay around ALL DAY LONG...every single day, and though I might be sleepy when it comes to bed body isn't tired. PLUS, it's already sore from laying around all day. :)
Oh well, I keep telling myself that this is the best thing that I can be doing for my babies right now! And believe it or not, that does make it better.
I feel horrible for Clif though - because, he had to work today... and I know that I kept him up. At one point I rolled over trying to find a comfortable position and he asked if he could help me (have I mentioned that I have a sweetheart for a husband?)... and I knew then that he had been awake for a while. I could tell by his voice. Poor guy!
Needless to say, he just called me from work...and he is a little more than tired.
Okay, enough whining... I think I am going to see if I can take a short nap. :) :) :) Doubtful, but I think I will give it a shot.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About pregnancy week 27

How many weeks: 27 weeks today! <3

How am I feeling: lazy! bed rest has been a challenge... but I am willing to do whatever is best for my three Little Love's.

Doctor’s Appointment: Friday morning at 9:30 I have an ultrasound, and then appointment with Dr.F...which I'm not thrilled about. Dr.F is my least favorite doctor in this practice, but I'm excited about going to the doctor in general. Especially excited about seeing my little ones again! Also, we have an appointment with a specialist at the prenatal diagnostic center on Monday at 12:45!

Weight Gain: 39 pounds as of last Thursday :) I'm pretty happy with this... though I had hoped to gain a little more.

Maternity Clothes: HAHA!!! :) Maternity clothes are pretty much a thing of the past. I do have a few things left that still fit... but these days I am hanging out in my underwear and Clif's t-shirts. Not the prettiest site's comfortable, so yeah.

Baby Preparation: :) It's getting there. With me not being able to do anything, and there being TWO nurseries to's been slow go. BUT my mom has been helping a TON, and I know we'll have it completed in the next few weeks. I'm not really worried about it. We have the I'm happy.

Gender: two boys and a girl (in case you hadn't heard! haha!) Eli Zayne, Easton Layne and Elliana Rayne (we changed the spelling of the boys middle names). On separate occasions, they each have revealed their "stuff" to confirm what we found out at our 20 week appointment.

Name: Ooops :) Eli Zayne, Easton Layne & Elliana Rayne

Sleep: Good sleep comes, but mostly it goes. :) My nurse told me to take tylenol pm... but if you know me, I do NOT like the idea of taking medication while pregnant...and only take what I have to. I'm getting big...well, my belly is getting big. And I'm getting uncomfortable. Mostly uncomfortable because of my back, and I am experiencing "restless legs". SO that means a lot of tossing and turning during the night, which wakes me up...wakes the babies up...and wakes Clif up. I guess maybe it's God's way of preparing us for the NO sleep that we are going to experience.

Best moment this week: Feeling them all three move at the same time inside my tummy... and having my hubby there with me to feel them from the outside. LOVE my babies. :) And CANNOT wait for them to get here!!

Movement: For the most part, they move all the time. They have their resting moments. BUT for the majority of the time they are going CRAZY in there. LOVE it.

Food cravings: chocolate and soda!!! I know, that's horrible :) For most of my pregnancy I have craved "healthy" stuff. Recently I've been trying to eat a lot of carbs to pack on some last minute weight, hopefully meaning that my little babies will pack on weight of their own. But these last few days...all I have wanted to eat is CHOCOLATE and drink ICE COLD soda. :) I don't even drink soda anymore, which is the funny part. Even before I became pregnant... I didn't drink much soda. Mostly water, and tea..decaf. Two years ago, on new years eve I decided to stop drinking caffeine, and soda. I did really well for like three or four months, and then I started adding in some sprite and such. Before that I was completely addicted to Diet Cherry Pepsi :) Which is what is currently in my fridge! BUT...let me say that it's been in there for two weeks (it's a two liter), and I still have a fifth of it left. I only drink a TINY bit, sometimes not even every night. Seriously, maybe two ounces. But it's SOOOO good :)

What I miss: being able to reach the bottom of my feet in the shower. :) It's quite a trying to shower. Let's just say that I get the job done, it just takes a while. AND I miss being able to snuggle with my hubby in bed. First, I can't really get that close anymore because of my belly...and then, I am SO hot natured now... I pretty much can't stand for anything to touch me.

What I am looking forward to: My doctor's appointments and my little bundle's finally getting here! Only a few more weeks!!!

Milestones: We made it past 25 weeks, what they consider "viable"!!! :) It's such a relief knowing that if I were to go into labor early (which we are praying praying praying that I don't) our babies would more than likely survive :)

Prayer Request: Please pray for us as we go to our specialist appointment next Monday. It's a two hour ultrasound...and we are praying that Dr.D measurements will match those of Miss V. Also, please continue to pray that Eli's kidney will not get any larger, and that eventually correct itself. And last but not least, please pray that my body does what it needs to...that babies continue to grow and be healthy, and they stay in Mommy's tummy for as long as possible.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*almost* 27 weeks

At twenty seven weeks...

I am still hanging in there. :) Well, technically I guess I won't be twenty seven weeks until midnight, but whatever. Close enough.

Bed rest last week was rough, I was extremely bored... and very lonely on the days my mom wasn't here organizing everything under the sun.

This really hasn't been that bad. Yet. :) Clif was off yesterday and today, and we've pretty much just spend the days together. He's cleaned and cooked off and on, but for the most part we have just been together. It's been nice.

I feel like a spoiled little brat though... he's been waiting on me, hand and foot. And I have to admit that I've really enjoyed it. Yesterday morning started with waking up around nine (?) and Clif getting up and cooking me scrambled eggs, toast & cantaloupe. YUM! He headed out the the grocery store to pick up a few things that we needed for the house, and stuff to make me lunch and dinner. :) When he returned, he made me fried bologna sandwich & Doritos...sounds pretty plain, but I love fried bologna. OH... and he surprised me with breakfast food to make me breakfast this morning. Bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy. Last night, he grilled hamburgers...topped with sauteed onions (his first ever) with wheat bread, and crinkle cut french fries. Double YUM!

He's been a real sport, watching Lifetime movies and TLC with me. Yesterday he massaged my back and legs for HOURS, literally. :) Laying around all day has taken a toll on my circulation...not to mention just being fat. HA!

Today has been kind of a lazy day too... not really doing much at all. Clif DID cook breakfast (and lunch for me), cleaned the kitchen, attempted mowing our lawn (mower died)...and now we're just sitting around. Again, it's been nice.

We did have a little excitement this afternoon... I heard someone pulling up into our driveway, something rather large. It was the UPS truck. :) Clif went out to get the package, came back in...and it was addressed to me. From, Shutterfly. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with them!! I customized a mug for Clif on on Sunday evening...around 6:15. And it came TODAY! It was supposed to be his Father's Day gift (he told me that I wasn't allowed to buy him anything)... but I caved. I loved it so much, I decided (after much convincing from Clif) to let him go ahead and have it today. Pictures to's just your average coffee, but it has ultrasound pictures of Lilly, Eli, Easton & Elliana. At the bottom it says "Best Daddy Ever!!". I love it...and was so impressed that they got it printed (or whatever you say) and shipped so quickly.

Well...yesterday was the 13th. It's been nineteen months since we lost our Lilly. And ya know, it didn't even occur to me until I was asking Clif the date. *sigh* It always kinda hits me...I don't think that will ever change. But that's okay. I will never look at the number thirteen without thinking of my precious first born daughter.

Pregnancy week 26 was *mostly* uneventful. I did have to call the doctor the day before my appointment about the cramping, but I'm still 99.9% sure that it's ligament pain. It comes and goes...some days without it happening at all. Last night, I think I had my first run in with sciatic nerve pain.

Laugh if you will, but because I never experienced contractions during my pregnancy with Lilly... I'm not sure what to expect. SO I think that every little pain is a contraction. :) I probably was up on my feet a total of twenty minutes yesterday (including my shower, excluding my trips to the potty). Laying around on the couch has definitely taken it's toll on my back. I went to get up to pee as Clif was grilling last night, and I got this shooting pain in my lower back that was quick to spread down my left leg. Kinda pressure-y, but not really in my tummy. Weird. Walking around definitely helped, and it only happened the once. After asking Dr.Google about sciatic nerve pain, I was pretty sure that's what I had just experienced.

Oh, got a call from the specialists office yesterday and scheduled my first two appointments. They couldn't fit me in this week (I will still be seeing a doctor at Dr.G's practice & getting an ultrasound this Friday at 9:30) my first appointment is Monday afternoon at 12:45. They scheduled me for a two hour ultrasound for the first will be a full detail ultrasound. FUN stuff. From there on out we will having weekly, one hour ultrasounds. :)

I kinda started freaking when I head "prenatal diagnostic center"... but I quickly calmed when I heard that several friends and acquaintances have been there as well. I actually thought that I would have been going there all along...seeings how I thought that I would be considered a "high risk" pregnancy. So yeah. :) We'll have lots to update about in the coming week...appointment with Dr.F on Friday, appointment on Monday with Dr.D, and more than likely another appointment with Dr.G on Thursday...followed by my second appointment with Dr.D on the 28th. Whew.

Okay Aleisha, happy now?? :) My best friend texted me this afternoon and informed me that I needed to blog so she would have something to read!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

26 week belly shot :) it is, my 26 week belly shot. I'm pretty sure that I've had another "pop" in the last week or so. I'm getting to the point where my shirts don't cover my belly anymore! :)
Please excuse the "Guitar Hero" pj's...and my head being cropped out of the picture. Since I stay home all day every day, I was looking pretty rough...even after my shower. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Update #2

Whew...what an eventful couple of hours. Geez. :)

This morning I got a call on my cell phone. Let me just say that I'm really bad about answering the phone when I don't recognize the number. SO I had forgotten that I ignored a call this morning until around 11:30. I decided to check my messages...and it was my doctor. NOT my nurse... my doctor.

Dr.G has only ever called me one time. It was the day after Lilly's funeral...and I had broken out in a rash all over my stomach, and he called to check on me. So it startled me when I heard his voice on my voice mail. He said that it was NOT an emergency, but to call him as soon as I could. He had been talking to a specialist at the prenatal center, and he wanted to discuss a few options with me.

So I immediately call, and of course he is with a patient. And so is my nurse. :( I told the receptionist to have him call me, that he had left a message for me to call him.  That was at 11:45. I've been sitting around all afternoon thinking about what in the world these "options" might be. FINALLY, Dr.G called me at 1:30. :)

He said that he has been emailing with Dr.D all day. She's a specialist that has dealt with a number of multiple pregnancies. Dr.G had been telling her about my blood pressure problems, and things about my pregnancy with Lilly...and how it ended. He also told her that I am having weekly ultrasounds to keep an eye on fluids, and to check heart rates. Dr.D suggested that she start seeing me for weekly ultrasounds instead of having them done at Dr.G's office (even though we love you, Miss V!). Dr.D can do a much more in depth ultrasound that she said will take a good amount of time. Apparently their equipment is a lot more high tech than what Dr.G's office has. They also have a Doppler-type thing that can check the blood flow in the umbilical cord.

Dr.G assured me that they didn't see anything wrong with my ultrasound yesterday, but that he was thrilled that Dr.D had offered to take over the ultrasounds. He says that IF problems do arise, that Dr.D would be able to track them a lot better than Miss V. :)

Needless to say, my doctor just went WAY up on my "liked-doctor" list. I love that he is taking the extra time to get the best care possible for me and my little ones. :) He also asked Dr.D about delivery, and she says that with the weekly ultrasounds - if a problem arises, they will be able to tell if they should go ahead and take the babies. If not, I would more than likely go into labor on my own. Either way... I couldn't be happier with TWO doctors looking out for me now.

I'm waiting on my nurse, J, to call with my referral and appointment. SO looking forward to meeting this doctor...AND getting to see my little one's in depth EVERY SINGLE week. VERY exciting. I hope we get pictures!! :)

I know I already updated once today, but I had to share!! We are so blessed...

appointment update :)

:) Time for baby updates! I had ever intention on posting last night, but I was SO exhausted after my afternoon out that I was out cold on the couch at 7:45.

The day before yesterday I called our doctor because I was having "crampy" feelings. Not really in my belly, but underneath it. It felt like menstrual cramps...kinda. But it didn't really was just annoying. If that even makes sense. It actually felt like what ligament stretching felt like when my belly first started to get bigger. But it scared me, so I called.

I talked with our nurse "J"... and she said just to time it, lay on my side...put a pillow under my belly, and take a Tylenol. If they got close together, lasted more than a minute, and I had five within an hour, to call back. That's the thing though...I'd only feel "them" every now and again, and then sometimes it would last for a good while. Weird.

Talking with my doctor yesterday, and showing him where I was "cramping" at... he says that he really feels like it's my ligament stretching again.

With Lilly, I never experienced every little thing worries me. :) Imagine that. But he tried explaining what a contraction would feel like. He said that my whole belly will tighten, and that I will experience cramping feelings all throughout my belly. Well, thank God that hasn't happened as of yet. Dr.G said even if I am having those type contractions, that unless they are consistent that there is nothing really to worry about.

My nurse says to just take it easy, and drink lots of water! Which, I've been drinking anywhere from 8-12 8 ounce glasses of water a day...not to mention I drink a glass of milk in the morning, and sometimes one in the evening. And then I might sneak a few sips of soda here and there.

Okay, well...that didn't really have much to do with my doctor's appointment... but I thought I'd fill you all in on that.

First (as usual) was our ultrasound. :) I'm always nervous going in for an ultrasound, just because of the ultrasound we had in the hospital the morning that Lilly passed away. I always fear that they are going to tell me that there is no heartbeat. ALTHOUGH, these kids have been going NUTS in my tummy for days. :) Including yesterday right before my appointment. But as soon as I see their little bodies, and their blinking hearts... I'm good. :)

Miss V decided to go ahead and do another growth check yesterday, because she was confused as to why Dr.G kept scheduling ultrasounds for every appointment. We tried explaining that he just wants to have the fluid and heart rates checked, because it's so hard to find each baby and be sure of it. Plus, with my placentas being up front, it's just easier. But she said that she was going to go ahead and do a growth check (again), which was totally okay with me.

Our little Elliana finally caught up with her "big" brothers. All three babies are measuring 26 weeks 2 days, exactly one day a head of schedule. :) My little over achievers. Ha! AND all three babies weigh the same. They are saying 2 pounds +/- 5 ounces. :) We have three little porkers growing in there! And we couldn't be happier.

Easton is the baby on "top", and we are told that he has the most room to move around. Which would explain why he is my most active little one at this point. I mean, this kid goes completely NUTS the majority of the time. When we went to the doctor two weeks ago, his little head was in my right side, and his feet towards the middle of my belly (at the top). However, yesterday... his feet are in to the right side, and his head is in the middle of my belly (at the top). Little boy has done a complete flip since the last time we saw him on the big screen :) I told Clif at the beginning of the week that I really thought that he had switched positions, because his kicks have been a LOT harder...AND he was really hurting me on Monday when he was, not kicking, but moving around in there.

Elliana has stayed in the same position...what a good little Mommy's girl :) She remains head down and feet up. She is my calm child... though she grows more active by the day.

Eli, not to be outdone by his brother... has switched positions too. But not as drastic. :) Two weeks ago he was head down feet up, yesterday he is still head down but his feet go to the right side of my belly (at the bottom) now. Crazy little kids!
Since we had another growth check yesterday, she went ahead and checked his kidney again. It's still measuring 6mm...which she said was good, because it hasn't gotten any bigger in two weeks :) So that was a major answer to prayer. She also said that the shape looked good. Apparently it's a nice rounded shape...and sometimes with enlarged kidneys, the kidney almost frays out? I don't know, I didn't really get what she was saying... but she said that all in all his kidney looks good. Still bigger than his other, but it looks good :) SO that made for one very happy Mommy & Daddy!

We had to wait a while to see Dr.G, because he was on call (AND I don't get to see him next week either, because he is out of the office. So he wants me to see Dr.F, which... I'm not to fond of). Dr.G actually just delivered two pound (?) twins yesterday afternoon :) Which he said were doing fantastic! It was good to see him, since I hadn't seen him in a MONTH! We told him about the cramping, and asked him about my blood pressure being "low" when I am laying around resting. Things like that. I also asked him how restrictive my bed rest is. He said that it's not SUPER restrictive, that I am able to get up and walk around some without it hurting anything. And that I could have company over, for no more than an hour at a time. He also gave me permission to go out to eat after my appointment, so you had better believe that I took that and ran with it :) I think we have made Red Robin a tradition after a good doctors visit! A yummy burger and fries topped off by an even yummier milkshake. YUM!

Dr.G says that if our babies were born today, they would be "viable"...meaning, that more likely that not, they would survive. Of course, they could have temporary problems, or long term... but there is a very high percentage that they would survive. :) Which made me happy, especially with the whole cramping scare. He says that average gestation for TWINS is 32 weeks, so of course triplets would be under that. He mentioned that he definitely didn't want me going past 36 weeks, and I was quick to remind him that we had discussed 34 weeks. He seems to think that I may go earlier than that.

My main concern and prayer is that our babies are "okay". I told Clif last night that I just can't wait to hear them cry for the first time. Just to know that my babies are alive and breathing will mean the world to me. :) I'm so looking forward to them being here. And if it were safe for them, I would say bring them on NOW!

Oh, I forgot to mention that during the ultrasound we heard the words that I listen for every single time. "Everyone's fluids look good". I think that's one of my main fears... their fluids getting too low. Like Lilly's did. That scares me to death. But yeah, I have two fears. Low fluid, and not knowing that I'm in labor. :)

Well...that's all for now I think. All I can think to update about at least.
Currently I have Eli either punching me "down there" or rolling head around...or something,'s not too comfortable. Especially with brother Easton having some body part of his own shoved under my ribs. :) Love to feel my babies move, but find it QUITE uncomfortable sometimes. Especially as they bulk up!

Will update soon...and add 26 week pictures! :) I am getting HUGE...even Dr.G says so. I am measuring full term, or so he tells me. Which, he says makes sense considering I've got about 6+ pounds of baby in me! Speaking of pounds, I almost forgot... I only gained 3 pounds in two weeks. Which puts me up to a whopping 39 pound weight gain. Believe it or not, I was a little disappointed with the weight gain... I had hoped that it would have been a little more. SO... I am really going to try and gain a little extra this week. I want these babies to be as big as possible when they come out in just a few short weeks!

Thanks to all who have been praying for us, and especially for little Eli. Please continue to pray that his kidney not correct itself, but that God might correct it for him :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

another day...

I'm bored. Are ya happy Doctor's?

Yesterday I spent 97% of my day on the couch. The only time that I actually switched to the sitting position was for like an hour to sort through baby clothes we were given on Saturday, take off tags, and separate them into piles to be washed. Oh, and to fold crib sheets. (btw, does anyone know how COMPLICATED, and slightly ridiculous it is to fold crib sheets? Geez.

Mom's last two days have been productive, at least. She was here all day on Monday, and until almost three o'clock yesterday. She managed to take every single thing out of the kitchen cabinets, wipe the insides out, and wash the outsides down with Murphy's Oil Soap. Then we went through everything...well, I sat while she held up things and I told her what to do with them. I am getting rid of so much stuff...makes me kinda happy! My kitchen looked AWESOME until yesterday. :) That's when she started working on the living room/room that we never use. It was FULL of baby furniture, clothes, diapers...leftover flooring and tools. So now everything that doesn't belong in the sitting in my kitchen, waiting for Clif to wake up and move all of it. Which, as soon as this post is written...he is getting started. :)

I also sent my mom to town yesterday to buy a dresser/cabinet type thing. We were in desperate need of something for our hallway (between the nurseries & bathroom). It's more like one of those lingerie dresser things, but it will serve it's purpose! I'm going to use it for crib sheets, and baby towels. OH, speaking of baby towels...the hooded ones... are you serious? Why does everything associated with baby have to be difficult to fold.

OH! Back to Monday. My mom left to go to her weekly weight watchers meeting, and then she and my dad were coming back for dinner. Clif had been working all day, and was to get off of work around 6:30. So I'm sitting at the house...waiting...waiting... and then finally my mom calls me to tell me that they are at the bottom of my driveway, and a massive pine tree has fallen across it. GREAT! So they had to walk up the driveway, Clif had to change out of dad turned around and went back to their house for a chainsaw, and...well, it's still not cleaned up. They just cut it enough to get by, so that's another project for Clif today. Fun stuff. has promise to be quite boring, but we shall see. :) I'm getting ready to go wake hubby up...and then I have a friend/soon to be sister in law that's coming over to keep me company for a while. I need people to visit so that I don't go insane.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'll update more tomorrow, after our doctor's appointment. Please pray that all will go well, and that once I talk to MY doctor (this will be the first time I've seen him since before bed rest), he will tell me that my bed rest is not too restrictive. :) A girl can dream, right?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

baby shower & week 25 belly shots!'s been a few days, and I have a lot to update on! :) So please bare with me, and I'll try to make it as short as possible.
On Friday, we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. We started off by getting pedicures (and for me a manicure & long overdue eyebrow waxing), and then headed to dinner at our favorite Japanese Steakhouse. YUMMY! It was a good night, hanging out... just the two of us. We enjoyed it, for sure!! Especially knowing that there won't be too many (if any) more nights like that for a LOOONG while.
Saturday was shower day :) YAY! I was able to sleep in, and even after waking up I lounged around the house...ate breakfast (which was actually grilled cheese for brunch), watched tv...and didn't even start to get ready until noon. Very nice!
Our shower was... awesome. I've never seen a baby shower like it. Let's just say that we know a lot of people. I've only ever had two "real" jobs... but I made a lot of friends along the way. On top of that, there were friends that we have met through Clif's jobs... friends we've just met along the way, family and lots of church family.
I must say... I've got the most awesome church family, at least... I think so. They really went out of their way to make our shower a success. I give the credit to my parents for getting the church decorated, and then me, mom and my niece, Katie, spent several hours making cupcakes. :) The ladies of the church stepped in and made a TON of food. And you definitely could tell that it was a pregnant lady that had requested the menu included, veggie pizza, cucumber sandwiches, pineapple cheese ball (made by a work friend), sausage balls, pigs in blankets, queso cheese dip, cheese & pickle trays, meat balls, and fruit with fruit dip. YUM! Oh, and we washed it all down with my mom's homemade lime punch. :) LOVE that stuff.
We had an AMAZING turn out of 70 people. Clif and I were completely overwhelmed by all the people, the gifts... but most of all the love and support. We are privileged to have some pretty awesome people in our lives.
Starting mom (the host) had everyone introduce themselves, and how they knew me. Then Mom's best friend, Pat, had a small devotional (thanks Pat!). Then games...put together by two pretty awesome ladies that weren't able to attend due to a death in their family (please continue to be in prayer for the "B" family with the loss of their father). We had to break up the gift opening...half before the refreshments, and half afterwards. Thank goodness! I was getting pretty hungry...which happens a lot these days.
All in all, the shower was a success. We saw people that we hadn't seen in AGES...which was such a blessing. :) Please enjoy shower photos, and 25 weeks belly shots (a few days late!).
Tomorrow marks 26 weeks of pregnancy, and we have our 26 week appointment on Thursday at 1:30. :) Looking forward to that...and praying that Dr.G will tell me that we are going to start appointments every week now. It would be so much more peace of mind since I am home dwelling on my pregnancy all the time now! :)
Okay...shutting up...enjoy the pictures!

Monday, June 6, 2011

week two... i'm alive!!

:) Shower was awesome, and I plan to write a big post about it....BUT... I'm tired. HA! I will update tomorrow. <3 I need to post my belly picture for week 25 too!!

Friday, June 3, 2011


:) Headed to my mom's to make cupcakes, then back home...shower, and then heading out for a pedicure and dinner! Hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Day 6 :)

Last night was pretty productive...I guess you can call it that. I researched companies that have "multiple birth programs"... and found addresses & phone number so that I can call/mail proof after the babies are born to receive coupons ect. So that took up a while...
Eli, Easton & Elliana were VERY VERY active...and they still are this morning. As I'm sitting here typing, they are going NUTS. :) You can see my whole belly moving. I think it's mostly Eli & Easton this morning, but it's so hard to tell with the way they reposition themselves.
In case you didn't catch my last post here, today is mine & Clif's four year wedding anniversary! So hard to believe that we've been together for FOUR years... but then on the other hand, it feels like it's been 10 (in a good way, promise).
Fun filled day...(notice the sarcasm). Clif had to work last night, and has to work currently, I am on the couch...and he is in bed sleeping until three thirty. I'll wake him up, cook dinner (Velveeta Skillet Sensations...I know, what a special dinner!!!)...and then he will head out again. :) But that's okay.
Tomorrow morning I am going to my mom's house to help make & decorate cupcakes for my shower on Saturday (that I'm getting SUPER excited about), and then after Clif get's up we are going to get pedicures & eat at our favorite Japenese steakhouse. SOOOO looking forward to the shrimp!! And steak...YUM! OH OH OH...and the rice, it's my favorite. Needless to say, I am going to need to drink LOTS of extra water tomorrow due to all the sodium that I'm going to be eating.
Well...that's all for now. You guys be praying that I don't go insane laying about on this couch these next few weeks...because it's already getting to me. I know that I need to rest, for the babies sake... but I'm also at that nesting stage where I want to get everything ready. :) My mom will be coming up next week to help me with getting the clothes finished up, and sorting out all the items from the baby shower :)
God bless!!!

four years :)

God has been so incredibly good to us these last four years (not to mention the years before). He has made it possible to do many things over the course of our marriage, that would have never ever been possible without Him.

I can't believe the memories we have considering it's only been a "short" time that we have been together. We have the memory of our first rental, then moving into a one bedroom house that our church has while the closing on our house went through...moving into our new house, painting,remodeling, decorating. Memories of our Tennessee honeymoon, and then our first summer vacation as a married the beach. :) The first time that Clif ever saw the ocean. Buying our first car together, getting our first pet...

Oh! And saying goodbye to my childhood pet :(

Starting the journey of trying to conceive...and then, it actually happening!!! Watching my body change as I carried our first born baby girl. And then saying goodbye to her.
These last eighteen months have brought us much closer...we've clung to one another for strength that neither of us knew we even had. We've held each other together....while the world around us fell apart.

Who would have ever thought that we would have gone through so many things in such a short period of time? So many people would have took off running in opposite directions when problems arose... but we've struggled through it. And here we are! :)

*Almost* six years of being together, four years of being married...houses,cars, pets, vacations, fun, heartache...FOUR kids :)
Ah, the triplets. Who would have thought? We always joked that when we started having children, that we might end up with twins - because they run on both sides of our families. SURPRISE! Even though we had a little help from our friends Clomid, Ovidrel & Dr.S...we are going to have THREE babies at one time!!

Our life together has been so blessed...and we couldn't be happier for the things that God has blessed us with.
I am anxiously awaiting what God has in store for us in the years to come. No matter what He throws at us, I believe with all my heart, that Clif and I can make it through. It might be hard, we might not like it...or maybe we will...but we'll come out more in love than we are today.
Happy 4th Anniversary, My Love. You're my world, my best friend...and I love you with all of my heart. Thank for you the best four (plus some) years of my life. I wouldn't change anything...because we are who we are because of the things that we've been through.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



But I'm still not going to start complaining...give me a few weeks and then I will be whining!!

Slept till nine this morning (because I stayed up after midnight last night...haha) up, grabbed some breakfast...and have been on the couch ever since.
I'm having to be quiet because Clif is sleeping...he has to work tonight. BOO! *sigh* BUT...only tonight and tomorrow night, and then I have a three day weekend with him, PLUS, two weeks of day shift! YAY!
Tomorrow is our four year wedding anniversary, so I've been working on the post for that :) I can't believe it's been FOUR years since we said "I do". I just love it!!!
Not really sure what the rest of today holds...just depends on how my body holds up, and how I'm feeling. The babies have worn me out already this morning...not giving me a break from moving around in my tummy. Not that I'm complaining.
Maybe some reading in my future? Or maybe...a nap ;-)

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