Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*almost* 27 weeks

At twenty seven weeks...

I am still hanging in there. :) Well, technically I guess I won't be twenty seven weeks until midnight, but whatever. Close enough.

Bed rest last week was rough, I was extremely bored... and very lonely on the days my mom wasn't here organizing everything under the sun.

This week...it really hasn't been that bad. Yet. :) Clif was off yesterday and today, and we've pretty much just spend the days together. He's cleaned and cooked off and on, but for the most part we have just been together. It's been nice.

I feel like a spoiled little brat though... he's been waiting on me, hand and foot. And I have to admit that I've really enjoyed it. Yesterday morning started with waking up around nine (?) and Clif getting up and cooking me scrambled eggs, toast & cantaloupe. YUM! He headed out the the grocery store to pick up a few things that we needed for the house, and stuff to make me lunch and dinner. :) When he returned, he made me fried bologna sandwich & Doritos...sounds pretty plain, but I love fried bologna. OH... and he surprised me with breakfast food to make me breakfast this morning. Bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy. Last night, he grilled hamburgers...topped with sauteed onions (his first ever) with wheat bread, and crinkle cut french fries. Double YUM!

He's been a real sport, watching Lifetime movies and TLC with me. Yesterday he massaged my back and legs for HOURS, literally. :) Laying around all day has taken a toll on my circulation...not to mention just being fat. HA!

Today has been kind of a lazy day too... not really doing much at all. Clif DID cook breakfast (and lunch for me), cleaned the kitchen, attempted mowing our lawn (mower died)...and now we're just sitting around. Again, it's been nice.

We did have a little excitement this afternoon... I heard someone pulling up into our driveway, something rather large. It was the UPS truck. :) Clif went out to get the package, came back in...and it was addressed to me. From, Shutterfly. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with them!! I customized a mug for Clif on Shutterfly.com on Sunday evening...around 6:15. And it came TODAY! It was supposed to be his Father's Day gift (he told me that I wasn't allowed to buy him anything)... but I caved. I loved it so much, I decided (after much convincing from Clif) to let him go ahead and have it today. Pictures to come...it's just your average coffee mug...black, but it has ultrasound pictures of Lilly, Eli, Easton & Elliana. At the bottom it says "Best Daddy Ever!!". I love it...and was so impressed that they got it printed (or whatever you say) and shipped so quickly.

Well...yesterday was the 13th. It's been nineteen months since we lost our Lilly. And ya know, it didn't even occur to me until I was asking Clif the date. *sigh* It always kinda hits me...I don't think that will ever change. But that's okay. I will never look at the number thirteen without thinking of my precious first born daughter.

Pregnancy week 26 was *mostly* uneventful. I did have to call the doctor the day before my appointment about the cramping, but I'm still 99.9% sure that it's ligament pain. It comes and goes...some days without it happening at all. Last night, I think I had my first run in with sciatic nerve pain.

Laugh if you will, but because I never experienced contractions during my pregnancy with Lilly... I'm not sure what to expect. SO I think that every little pain is a contraction. :) I probably was up on my feet a total of twenty minutes yesterday (including my shower, excluding my trips to the potty). Laying around on the couch has definitely taken it's toll on my back. I went to get up to pee as Clif was grilling last night, and I got this shooting pain in my lower back that was quick to spread down my left leg. Kinda pressure-y, but not really in my tummy. Weird. Walking around definitely helped, and it only happened the once. After asking Dr.Google about sciatic nerve pain, I was pretty sure that's what I had just experienced.

Oh, got a call from the specialists office yesterday and scheduled my first two appointments. They couldn't fit me in this week (I will still be seeing a doctor at Dr.G's practice & getting an ultrasound this Friday at 9:30)...so my first appointment is Monday afternoon at 12:45. They scheduled me for a two hour ultrasound for the first appointment...it will be a full detail ultrasound. FUN stuff. From there on out we will having weekly, one hour ultrasounds. :)

I kinda started freaking when I head "prenatal diagnostic center"... but I quickly calmed when I heard that several friends and acquaintances have been there as well. I actually thought that I would have been going there all along...seeings how I thought that I would be considered a "high risk" pregnancy. So yeah. :) We'll have lots to update about in the coming week...appointment with Dr.F on Friday, appointment on Monday with Dr.D, and more than likely another appointment with Dr.G on Thursday...followed by my second appointment with Dr.D on the 28th. Whew.

Okay Aleisha, happy now?? :) My best friend texted me this afternoon and informed me that I needed to blog so she would have something to read!


That corgi :) said...

this is all so exciting to read your updates. I can't believe it is 27 weeks! Time for me has gone by fast like I said before. Soon so very soon we'll hear the news about the babies being born.

Time I am sure has eased the raw grief pain you had with Lilly, but time will never take away the fact you want her living there as part of your family. I continue to pray for you about this.

glad you are getting use to bed rest (but not too much because before long I will imagine you will "long" just a tiny bit for a bit of rest!)


Caroline said...

Wow going fast soon they will be here. I'm so excited for you. Always praying !!

I love Fried bolonga too. Now I want one maybe tomorrow !! :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hope your appointment goes well! You're doing so well :-)

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