Tuesday, June 7, 2011

baby shower & week 25 belly shots!

Wow...it's been a few days, and I have a lot to update on! :) So please bare with me, and I'll try to make it as short as possible.
On Friday, we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. We started off by getting pedicures (and for me a manicure & long overdue eyebrow waxing), and then headed to dinner at our favorite Japanese Steakhouse. YUMMY! It was a good night, hanging out... just the two of us. We enjoyed it, for sure!! Especially knowing that there won't be too many (if any) more nights like that for a LOOONG while.
Saturday was shower day :) YAY! I was able to sleep in, and even after waking up I lounged around the house...ate breakfast (which was actually grilled cheese for brunch), watched tv...and didn't even start to get ready until noon. Very nice!
Our shower was... awesome. I've never seen a baby shower like it. Let's just say that we know a lot of people. I've only ever had two "real" jobs... but I made a lot of friends along the way. On top of that, there were friends that we have met through Clif's jobs... friends we've just met along the way, family and lots of church family.
I must say... I've got the most awesome church family, at least... I think so. They really went out of their way to make our shower a success. I give the credit to my parents for getting the church decorated, and then me, mom and my niece, Katie, spent several hours making cupcakes. :) The ladies of the church stepped in and made a TON of food. And you definitely could tell that it was a pregnant lady that had requested the food...my menu included, veggie pizza, cucumber sandwiches, pineapple cheese ball (made by a work friend), sausage balls, pigs in blankets, queso cheese dip, cheese & pickle trays, meat balls, and fruit with fruit dip. YUM! Oh, and we washed it all down with my mom's homemade lime punch. :) LOVE that stuff.
We had an AMAZING turn out of 70 people. Clif and I were completely overwhelmed by all the people, the gifts... but most of all the love and support. We are privileged to have some pretty awesome people in our lives.
Starting out...my mom (the host) had everyone introduce themselves, and how they knew me. Then Mom's best friend, Pat, had a small devotional (thanks Pat!). Then games...put together by two pretty awesome ladies that weren't able to attend due to a death in their family (please continue to be in prayer for the "B" family with the loss of their father). We had to break up the gift opening...half before the refreshments, and half afterwards. Thank goodness! I was getting pretty hungry...which happens a lot these days.
All in all, the shower was a success. We saw people that we hadn't seen in AGES...which was such a blessing. :) Please enjoy shower photos, and also...my 25 weeks belly shots (a few days late!).
Tomorrow marks 26 weeks of pregnancy, and we have our 26 week appointment on Thursday at 1:30. :) Looking forward to that...and praying that Dr.G will tell me that we are going to start appointments every week now. It would be so much more peace of mind since I am home dwelling on my pregnancy all the time now! :)
Okay...shutting up...enjoy the pictures!


Betty said...

What a GREAT shower theme! I love the little pea pods...and the pea pod blankets! Looks like you had a wonderful turn out! You look so beautiful! I cant wait to 'meet' your little ones...

Caroline said...

I so love the shower theme. I'm so excited for both of you & your families.
Take care Momma your over halfway there.

That corgi :) said...

oh I just loved the theme with three peas in a pod and those blankets someone made or had made! look at all those gifts!

look at all that food! your menu sounded delicious!!

so glad it was a very special weekend with lots of nice celebration!

hoping the visit goes well tomorrow!!


Holly said...

Love the theme for your shower and those blankets are so cute!

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