Saturday, June 25, 2011

28 weeks

A little late on this weeks update :) Today marks 28 weeks 3 days... getting closer to seeing my Three Little Loves' every day!
Yesterday was our doctors appointment with Dr.G - just an office visit. The morning actually started off with a bit of a scare...I had to eat breakfast quickly, because we had an early appointment. After eating, I got a painful cramp across the top of my stomach. I ignored it at first, but when it came back twice after the first time... I started to get worried. The "cramp" was lasting 20-30 seconds, and I had three episodes within 25 minutes. And then it stopped. Weird. For a minute, Clif thought that we were going to the hospital...ha! I was really thankful that we were headed out to the doctor's... because I would have been worried about it all day.
So we get to Dr.G's office, and I go to check in. The receptionist asks if I would be willing to see the nurse practitioner, T. I assumed that Dr.G must be on call, or out sick - so I agreed. Of course :) That means that even though I wasn't supposed to get an ultrasound, I was getting one!!! Yay!
I was called back to get started with my blood pressure,urine sample, and weight. My blood pressure was elevated...imagine that. If I had seen Dr.G and his nurse, they would have said that it's because I didn't get an ultrasound. :) The top number was actually 12 points lower than last week, but the bottom number was up by 2. T's nurse had me lay on my left side for literally 45 seconds, and it went down immediately. Also, my meds had barely had time to kick in - it had only been an hour since I took them. ANYWAY, they weren't super worried about it...and it's pretty normal for me. Urine came back negative for everything, thank God! That specialist, Dr.D got me all worried saying that triplets increased my risk for preeclampsia . Weight? I only gained 18 ounces in seven days. I was pretty happy with that... it puts me up to 46 pounds weight gain.
T came in, propped the table up for me...and started the ultrasound :) We were able to see our precious little ones, and learned that Little Miss Elliana has flipped since Friday. On Friday, she was head under my ribs, and breached. Yesterday, she was head down and feet up. Too funny. Eli is still in the same position, and so is Easton... believe it or not. Though, I'm not getting used to this...because it will probably be completely changed by time for our ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon.
T is pretty awesome, and always makes me feel great. When she started looking around at the babies she was going on and on about how good the fluid looks :) I couldn't help but grin...because I've been drinking anywhere from 14-16 eight ounce glasses of water every single day. She assured us that all the babies looked great. Since she has an old school machine, we had to use the doppler to pick up the heart beats...which wasn't a problem at all. She got them first off! I never get sick of hearing my babies little hearts beat away. A reassurance that every Mama should get twice a week!
I asked T about my legs, and the spots that have been there since like 14-16 weeks. I told her that the genetic counselor saw them and flipped....went and talked to the doctor, came back and told me because of my previous pregnancy/fetal demise that I should be tested for blood clotting disorders and LUPUS. T went off, saying that she appreciated what those people do... but for the most part they just freak patients out for no reason. She took a look at my legs, and said that it's definitely NOT a lupus rash... and has nothing to do with vascular. She said that it's more than likely due to skin changes in pregnancy, and weight gain. :) She was so mad that the genetic counselor had come up with Lupus. The thing is, it's not a rash... it's like circulation issues. But whatever.
We also asked about the cramps that I had experienced that morning. I told her that I really felt like they were NOT contractions, because it was only in one spot of my stomach...not all over. She said that it sounded like I ate to fast, and was probably my gallbladder giving me a fit.
:) T went on and on about how she couldn't believe that I am doing SO well at 28 weeks with triplets. AND that I should be proud, that 28 weeks was an accomplishment. *sigh* I love good doctor's appointments. And so far, since being pregnant with these three babies... there have only been two negative things during doctor's appointments.
#1 being at six weeks when Dr.S tried to get me hooked up with Dr.Christmas for fetus reduction, and then #2 at 24 weeks (?) when we were told about Eli's kidney. Other than that, we have received nothing but good news.
T says that though if the triplets were born this week, they would be in NICU for quite some time... that after looking at them, there was no doubt in her mind that they would live. She also said that it varies with each baby and mother.... that some babies might do really good at 30 weeks, and other babies still go to the NICU at 36 weeks. We are praying that our babies don't have to stay there long, but only time will tell.
One more thing, and I will be done. T asked me what I thought about the prenatal center, and I told her that I really enjoyed the ultrasound and Dr.D, but that I didn't care for the genetic counselor. I told her that we were seeing the OTHER Dr.D (the one that Dr.Garcia referred me to, to begin with) on Tuesday. All she said was, "oh". I told her that I had heard Dr.D didn't really have much of a personality, and she said that she was a good doctor, but that she really didn't care for her. Apparently, she is a doom and gloom kind of doctor...always wanting to tell you the worst case in EVERYTHING. Great...definitely NOT something that I need. :) But that's okay... I've been warned. And I don't think that we have to see the genetic counselor again this that's a plus.
Well...that's my update for now... I'll try and add a picture sometime later. :)


Raquel said...

I don't know what your experience with Dr. D will be, but we really liked her. She made us feel so much better about things and she really seemed to care about me and the baby. I guess it just depends on individual experiences.
I'm so happy that you keep getting great news about the little ones. And congrats on your weight gain...that's FANTASTIC! You should really be very proud of yourself.

That corgi :) said...

sounds like a good visit!! each day does get you closer!! soon it will be July! Can't believe how fast this seems to going (like I said at least for me, LOL)


Holly said...

So glad everything is going good!

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