Monday, June 20, 2011

God is good!

Today was our appointment with the specialist, at the Prenatal Diagnostic Center... and I am exhausted! Whew. We were told to get there around 12:45 to fill out paperwork, so we go there at 12:30 :) I thought it would be paperwork like I had to fill out when I went to our RE, Dr.S. So not like that at all... I had it finished within 10 minutes.
Our appointment for the ultrasound was at 1pm...we didn't get called back until 1:15ish. I really liked our ultrasound tech, but don't know her name. I thought it was strange that she didn't introduce herself. ANYWAY... I told her about my passing out issues, and she was able to leave me in a sitting that was helpful :)
I have absolutely NO complaints about our ultrasound today...everything went perfectly. I did get a little hot and lightheaded at one point, BUT... after sitting up for a minute or two, we were back to scanning the babies!
Believe it or not... all three babies have turned since Friday. THREE days, and they have completely switched it up in there! Craziness. Eli & Elliana are both breached...
butt's down. :) Elliana is now head up, butt down...and feet to the side...with her face down (Friday, she was head down, feet up... and laying on her back). Eli is face UP, whereas on Friday he was face down. Easton's head (that WAS in my side) is now right under my belly button, and his feet are almost to my back. QUITE interesting... I couldn't help but laugh.
PRAISE is, Eli's kidney is still measuring 6mm...which is what it's been for the past month+. Dr.D (not the Dr.D that I thought we were going to see, we will see her next week) said that it's considered "normal" up to 5mm, but once I hit 30 weeks 7mm is considered they aren't really concerned about it. He reassured me that it's very common in little boys...saying that boys don't like to pee as much as girls do! :)
So far in this pregnancy, we have been told that fluids are "good", or "normal"... well, today...we were told that fluid levels are "great". That made my day. I asked the girl if me drinking a lot of water would effect that, and she said absolutely! I then told her that I have been drinking close to thirteen 8oz glasses of water per day. Not including milk and anything else that I might drink. Praise the Lord for GREAT fluid levels.
Baby boys are measuring a 29+weeks, due to their legs. Apparently they are going to be tall! Little Elliana is measuring 28w5d I think? It's hard to remember all the numbers, but they said that their growth (and comparison to one another) is wonderful and completely normal. Another huge relief.
Weight. Apparently Mommy isn't the only one that's been gaining a lot of weight. Eli weighs in at 2lb8oz, Easton is 2lb11oz, and Elliana is 2lb4oz (our little dainty girl!).
When meeting with Dr.D, he told us that it's a good thing... but triplet's shouldn't be this big at *not even* 28 weeks!! They totally exceeded the doctor's expectations... and they were genuinely impressed! Another HUGE praise. Chunky Monkey Easton is pushing THREE POUNDS!
OH! The ultrasound tech told us that they generally don't even observe the "practice breathing" of the babies until 30 weeks. We are not 100% sure of Easton & Elliana... but Eli is definitely practicing away :)
Dr.D said that if I make it to 34 weeks and go into labor on my own, they won't try to stop labor. If I were to go into labor before then, they more than likely would try to stop it. We also discussed the steroids before week 34...he said that if it looked like I was going to deliver early, they probably would try to give them to me.
I really liked the doctor, had a good sense of humor...and was very blunt and to the point which I liked. We talked about Eli's kidney, and he mentioned the amniocentesis  testing that they could do... but said that there is risk of preterm labor, especially with triplets. Of course, this wasn't an option I promptly told him that I was not interested. He acted like he didn't like offering it anyway, but he said that he has to let people know their options. According to him, everything looked great when it comes to Eli, other than his little kidney. He said that in very rare cases it could mean downs syndrome. Still didn't convince us to have testing.
Appointment with Dr.D was awesome...I really enjoyed it, and left feeling great. We talked with both the ultrasound tech AND the doctor about Lilly, and things that happened. Both of them openly asked questions, which made me smile. They wanted to know what happened...was it a girl or boy, what was her name...ect ect.
NEXT was the not so fun part. Genetic counselor. :( SOOOOO was not happy about that. No one told me anything about having to meet with one. Dr.J was nice enough, but I didn't want to be there... and quite honestly, I didn't want to hear what she had to say. Mainly because of Lilly being still born. Seriously, you probably can see my eye roll from here. She asked us a million and one questions about myself and Clif, then questions about Lilly and what happened with all of that. THEN she did a "family history", starting with Clif & me...then our parents, our siblings, their children (which when I told her I had two older brothers and they each had two kids she was like, your older brother had one girl and one boy, right? Uhhh... I didn't say that... but yes, actually he does). Then she wanted to know about my parents siblings and their children. Really? She had this paper that she was drawing all kinds of lines, circles, squares, and triangles representing my family members. WEIRD. I didn't like it. Then of course, because of my last pregnancy resulting in "fetal demise" they thought it was best that I be tested for all kind of genetic things like blood clots, and LUPUS? Where did that come from. She saw my legs (that a re kind of splotchy, but I am almost positive it's my circulation because of gaining so much weight + not walking around), and made a big deal about that. Okay...well Dr.G looks at my legs and ankles every visit, and nothing has been said. I'll be asking him about that on Friday. She also told us that we might want to think about having the testing done for Eli's kindey... OH, and because Clif's dad died due to a blood clot (dislodged and went to his heart), they think that Clif needs to undergo testing to see if it's genetic. Though, I think that he should for HIS sake...but still. I just didn't like the whole experience. It's like they take your balloon and POP it. Oh well. :)
All in all, it was a great visit...and Clif and I left feeling even better than we already were. We had been so blessed throughout this pregnancy...and we continue to be blessed. :) Thanks for all the prayers going up for our little ones. They are SOOOO appreciated.
God Bless!!


Raquel said...

Oh my goodness, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about the genetic counselor. Absolutely AWFUL experience...ugh. But, I was so happy to hear the visit went well. And I was FLOORED when you listed their weights...praise the Lord for that! I was thinking they wouldn't be over 3 pounds when they are born, but it looks like it's definitely going to be closer to 4. So happy for you all.

Sarah said...

So happy about 3 e's weights that is amazing praise God. I met with the same genetic counselor regarding RPL. It was kind of freaky how she knew the sex's of my siblings children...I'm glad you had a positive experience with Dr. D. I can't say I was a huge fan...but totally different circumstances.

That corgi :) said...

so glad the visit went well and the babies are growing better than they expected! Of course we know that is because God is lovingly knitting them together just the way he has designed all along!

It is good your fluids are so great!! Keep drinking that water!

I can understand your reluctance/disdain, etc about the genetic counseling and I am sure it was not fun at all. The weird little signs she was making were probably female/male signs, ages, relationship etc. I do medical transcription for a living, as you might know (type up reports doctors dictate after they see patients). I can see the importance of it that they can see if there is something that can possibly be diagnosed and corrected earlier than later, even though I am sure it was uncomfortable sharing all the info. For instance, there is a gene that some women have in regards to breast cancer and if they have breast cancer, they can have themselves and daughters tested for it and if positive, then the doctors are proactive in making sure proper screening is done, etc. So I can see that side of it, but I still imagine it was difficult to have to go through things and discuss things like that.

We all want the best for you, Clif and your precious little ones!!



Caroline said...

God is Good Yes !!!
Keeping you in my prayers !! Always

Kathy E said...

Desiree and Clif, so glad for your good report today on all three angels. Eli is going to come out perfect just like Elliana and Easton. Don't worry, that is not good for you or the babies. God is watching out for all of you. Be positive and stay calm. Praying for all of you, Kathy Edwards

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Genetic counseling sounds stressful. At least you got it over with, right?

Oh what great news about the babies! Wonderful that they're doing so well :-)

Betty said...

The genetic counsler sounds ANNOYING. not to mention pointless. I'm not sure I would have been able to put up with her. LoL! Kudos to you girl! I'm so thankful to hear that the little ones are doing so well! Praise The Lord! Such great news! Thank you for keeping us all updated so well. I really dont know how you keep all the positions and numbers straight with 3! I could barely do 1. LoL!

Holly said...

So glad for good appts! That seems weird they made you see a genetic counselor. We saw one after Carleigh's diagnosis and it was so pointless. Waste of time!

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